Community And Hybrid Cloud Model

Hybrid Cloud is a mixture of public and private cloud. Non-critical activities are performed using public cloud while the critical activities are performed using private cloud. The Hybrid Cloud Model is shown in the diagram below.

There are many benefits of deploying cloud as hybrid cloud model. The following diagram shows some of those benefits:

Hybrid Cloud Model Benefits
It offers features of both, the public cloud scalability and the private cloud scalability.

It offers secure resources and scalable public resources.

Cost Efficiency
Public clouds are more cost effective than private ones. Therefore, hybrid clouds can be cost saving.

The private cloud in hybrid cloud ensures higher degree of security.

Networking Issues
Networking becomes complex due to presence of private and public cloud.

Security Compliance
It is necessary to ensure that cloud services are compliant with security policies of the organization.

Infrastructure Dependency
The hybrid cloud model is dependent on internal IT infrastructure, therefore it is necessary to ensure redundancy across data centers.

Community Cloud allows system and services to be accessible by group of organizations. It shares the infrastructure between several organizations from a specific community. It may be managed internally by organizations or by the third-party. The Community Cloud Model is shown in the diagram below.

There are many benefits of deploying cloud as community cloud model.

Community Cloud Model Benefits
Cost Effective
Community cloud offers same advantages as that of private cloud at low cost.

Sharing Among Organizations
Community cloud provides an infrastructure to share cloud resources and capabilities among several organizations.

The community cloud is comparatively more secure than the public cloud but less secured than the private cloud.

Since all data is located at one place, one must be careful in storing data in community cloud because it might be accessible to others.

It is also challenging to allocate responsibilities of governance, security and cost among organizations.
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