Cloud Computing Operations

Cloud computing operation refers to delivering superior cloud service. Today, cloud computing operations have become very popular and widely employed by many of the organizations just because it allows to perform all business operations over the Internet.

These operations can be performed using a web application or mobile based applications. There are a number of operations performed in cloud. Some of them are shown in the following diagram:

Cloud Computing Operations
Managing Cloud Operations
There are several ways to manage day-to-day cloud operations, as shown in the following diagram:

Cloud Computing Operations Management
Always employ right tools and resources to perform any function in the cloud.

Things should be done at right time and at right cost.

Selecting an appropriate resource is mandatory for operation management.

The process should be standardized and automated to manage repetitive tasks.

Using efficient process will eliminate the waste of efforts and redundancy.

One should maintain the quality of service to avoid re-work later.

Creating Cloud Storage System
The cloud storage system stores multiple copies of data on multiple servers, at multiple locations. If one system fails, then it is required only to change the pointer to the location, where the object is stored.

To aggregate the storage assets into cloud storage systems, the cloud provider can use storage virtualization software known as StorageGRID. It creates a virtualization layer that fetches storage from different storage devices into a single management system. It can also manage data from CIFS and NFS file systems over the Internet. The following diagram shows how StorageGRID virtualizes the storage into storage clouds:

Cloud Computing Data Storage
Virtual Storage Containers
The virtual storage containers offer high performance cloud storage systems. Logical Unit Number (LUN) of device, files and other objects are created in virtual storage containers. Following diagram shows a virtual storage container, defining a cloud storage domain:

Virtual Storage Containers
Storing the data in cloud is not that simple task. Apart from its flexibility and convenience, it also has several challenges faced by the customers. The customers must be able to:

Get provision for additional storage on-demand.

Know and restrict the physical location of the stored data.

Verify how data was erased.

Have access to a documented process for disposing of data storage hardware.

Have administrator access control over data.
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