the required web tools

As a basic necessity, you need a good internet connection from a reliable service provider which provides decent connectivity and speed. Evaluate vendors based on their services and support before selecting.
 Here due diligence plays a major part. The following tools and infrastructure will help you in developing a Website.

Computer Machine − If you do not have computer available and you received this tutorial printed
 on a paper then I would say that first of all you would need a computer machine running either
Windows or Linux or UNIX or Macintosh system or any other operating system.

Internet Connection − If you are not connected to the internet and you received this tutorial
printed on a paper then I would say that this is second and another most important tool would
need to connect to the Internet and to you Web Server where you will host your website.
For this purpose you can buy either a dial up connection or broadband connection of high speed
 connectivity based on your requirement and budget.

A Web Server − Apart from basic Internet connectivity you will need one Web Server to keep all
 the files related to your Website. So you would need to buy space on a Web Server.
There are millions of ISPs who are in business of selling web space at competitive prices.
 We will give more detail on this in Web Hosting Conceptschapter.

A Text Editor − This is another most important tool which you will need to develop your Website.
 If you are using Windows then you can use notepad as a text editor, or if you are using Linux/Unix
then vi editor is one of my favorite editors. You will need this editor to write your HTML, PHP or ASP pages or for
 any other editing purpose. For practice purpose, you can use our Online HTML Editor

A Web Browser − You will need this tool to see the result of your HTML file. So you should have
either Internet Explorer or Firefox etc. installed on your computer.

Web Authoring Tools − If you don't want to use a simple Text Editor to edit your HTML files then
 there are many commercial Web Authoring Tools available. These tools are also called HTML editors.
 Microsoft's FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver are both a visual HTML (WYSIWYG) and HTML source code editor.
 These editors helps you to develop your HTML pages vary rapidly.

Secure telnet client − If you are connecting to your Web server directly then you can use a tool
 called PuTTY This is what I'm using while connecting to my web server.

Secure FTP client − If you are connecting to your Web server directly using FTP client to upload
 or download your web files then you can use a tool called PSFTP. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.
 Simply put, after you design your website, you need to send it to the Web and your FTP program will do just that for you.
 This is what I'm using while connecting to my web server.
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