How to get fast approval from Google Adsense

Well over the years bloggers have been working hard to make it on net google then brought an idea of Google Adsense account.

Definition:Google Adsense is kind of the Advertising program run by the Google Inc., for the Blogger and Webmasters. It display the Ads in the web browsers and it charges from the advertisers when a particular action is performed.

Am going to be teaching you guys on how to get fast approval from Google which is not a trick but normal for all bloggers to know.

1.Content: As a serious blogger you are not allowed to copy and paste other people content from there blog or from there website it is not good google bot will review your website and disapprove it dew to the copy and paste content in them as a good blogger and blogger who is ready to grow wide you are to add little atom of seriousness to your blog to grow wider than you think one of a good quality of a blogger is been a good writer,a good blogger blogger must be able to write or at least compose two paragraphs when writing an article on his or her blog

2.Privacy and policy:on a blog must newbies ask why bloggers always stress them self writing privacy and policy on there blog. A privacy and policy is a statement or a legal document that discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses and manages a customer or client's data. These is also one of the important things google will review unto.

3.Domain:well domain is another very essential thing google look before approving a blog for Google Adsense you have to have a custom domain such as (.com,, .net, .info, .ng, .edu etc). Google also approve free domain but not as fast as the paid domain I listed above.

4.Design: at least as good blogger you have to make you blog look attractive not only for Google approval but for even visitors who are visiting your website on daily bases to read your content or article you have to categorize your content make them look in order these will absolutely impress google to approve the website very fast.

5.Traffic: most bloggers complain so much on traffic, example: not getting enough traffic,there traffic is not stable, there traffic is bad,there traffic is low ,there traffic is these there traffic is that,well am not going to talk about much about traffic on these article well as a blogger you have to keep updating your website at least to keep the visitors coming, these will enable you to gather more visitor and even google fast approval on adsense.

I hope these few article will be useful for the newbies and also some blogger who are receiving disapproval messages from Google.

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