How To Buy London Used Laptops From JiJi.NG at Cheaper Rate

I just purchased a laptop [nice laptop 😎] from Jiji.Ng recently. A London Used Laptop to say gotten at a cheaper rate. As an online marketer, I think I need a laptop to handle my works.

You can also grab one even if you're not working online. A sit at home parent(mom or dad) needs it, a youth needs it and mostly, as a student in this 21st century, I believe you really need a laptop computer to ease studies.

If you are looking for the best website to buy London Used Laptops in Nigeria - Jiji.Ng is the answer with much benefits and profits. They have varieties of london used laptops for sale in Nigeria. I will elaborate the rewards for you.

Why Am Writing on How I Bought a Laptop From Jiji

Ever since the term "online shopping" has been code-named "online scamming" by many people in Nigeria, Jiji.Ng came out of the crowd to change the game and set a new standard in internet shopping. You can actually buy anything buyable from JiJi.Ng from the comfort of your home without "fear" of scammers.

My friends preach to me about other online shopping and local shops as the best way to grab laptop deals but I decided to try something different which actually paid well - I got enough balance to tackle other basic needs after buying my laptop from JiJi.Ng.

How I Got Convinced to Buy my Laptop From Jiji.Ng

Ever since I got tired of my old "HP Compaq CQ56" which I bought from local shops at higher price to compare the specs - the idea of getting another London used laptop keep on jingling on my head. I need to purchase it online since I stays half of the on the internet. I once heard my friend talked about how he purchased fairly used laptops for sale in abuja.

A friend of mine paid me a visit during my birthday celebration. He advised me to buy the Lappy from Jiji classified ads. Out of curiosity, I asked, 

What is classified ads website and what made Jiji.Ng a Classified ads website
He replied to me politely,
A classified ads website is an online shopping website that allows individual and companies to post their goods for sale for free in order to attract many buyers from a geographical location. JiJi.Ng is one and does not own any of the products listed there rather, they are owned and posted by viable sellers.

Like an angry bird, I stumbled upon the website the next day to look for cool laptop. I saw the one that matched my class [middle end specifications] and I grabbed the deal like a pro. Read below to see how I bought the laptop and got it delivered to me in my area.

How I Bought London Used Laptops From JiJi.NG at Cheaper Rate

It was on Monday morning, I visited the JiJi.Ng Laptops & Computers section. With my eyes wide opened and my mind hoping to grab the best deal. I shifted to the location bar to Lagos, so it will be easier to get delivered to me.

 Behold, I saw many awesome deals but I want the Laptop possibly to get to me same day, so I shifted the location bar once more to my immediate zone (my residing local government area). Now, am convinced enough that am almost shopping at home **winks**

I saw the first placement, good though but price didn't fit to the specs and little to none description by the seller. I moved down little bit, then i saw my bestie - since am looking for middle-end priced laptop that can handle my work conveniently.

It's New HP 15 500Gb 2Gb from a verified seller on Jiji. I got happy since the pictures shows that the laptop is somewhat new and I can attest to it from the images. The ad placement has 6 images in all. I have nothing else to do than to contact the seller.

I used the upper right hand side to check out the contact details of the seller. I called him and we made it to Whatsapp chat. After cool discussion, we agreed on a place [slightly different from the price he posted on Jiji]. 

We met at one big restaurant in Alaba International Market where he showed me the laptop. I like it - I love the processor which is Intel rather than AMD. He came with the laptop bag which he used to convey it.

Like moonlight play, i fell in love with the laptop bag also which he finally sold to me at a mouth-watering price (don't mind, I will not tell you the price but it's not up to four figures). I paid him cash after testing few things. The charger works well, the keyboards respects my fingers and the inbuilt mouse moves faster than Usain Bolt. I don't mind paying for the drinks he ordered out of joy.

How I Felt Buying Fairly Used laptop From JiJi.Ng

Words cannot express my happiness over the successful business I had with the seller. Right now, am planning to buy more gadgets from Jiji.Ng this season. I've my wishlist waiting.

I will be buying a TV set, New Infinix android phone and home theatre from them soon. I hope to meet another awesome seller like that.

If you are planning to Buy London Used Laptops online; JiJi.NG is the best spot to do that and at a cheaper rate too.

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