Zoto App: How To Get #1000 Airtime From Zoto Recharge Application [Zoto Apk Download}

Zoto App: How To Get #1000 Airtime From Zoto Recharge Application [Zoto Apk Download} - If you are looking for best recharge app for free airtime on MTN, Glo, Airtel or Etisalat, then Zoto recharge app is the answer. Zoto recharge app can pay N1000 and above on cashback and 50% per referral to all its users. So, today, I will be your guide on how to make money [free airtime] with Zoto App Apk.

Introducing Zoto Airtime App - Fastest Way to Recharge in Nigeria

This is a new trick offer to all w3howto.com readers. Zoto recharge app is an android application that pays you when you installed it on your android device. Sounds cool or silly? Are you still skeptical about how this works? Okay, like the name sounds, ZOTO is application you can use to recharge your network and get 50% cashback. In their early ages, they offer just 15% cashback until now, they increased it to 50% to suite and benefit more people.

You will not be an exception - you need to join the moving train to start economizing your income. Imagine an app [ordinary android application] paying you big sum of cash to use it. This is new time change to say.

Zoto app also offer a referral program which makes you more money when you bring in a new user to the app using your unique code. It's just like Slide airtime app, but to me, it's far more better than Slide. You can make over #20,000 naira with Zoto App referral program and your income will be used by you to purchase data bundle or recharge card from the app.

ZOTO recharge app is a mobile money and mobile commerce service licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria in 2014. Zoto recharge app is the fastest and most secure mobile payment solution in Nigeria. Zoto airtime application users are able to perform transactions such as airtime top-up in a secure and convenient manner with the app's high end user interface.

You can use your credit card to recharge through the app. It currently accepts Visa card and Mastercard payment now. Verve Credit card is currently not accepted on Zoto.

Key Features of Zoto Mobile Recharge App

  1. Zoto recharge app is one of  Nigeria's leading mobile phone recharge app today.
  2. With Zoto app, you can earn upto N50,000.
  3. When you invite a friend to Zoto airtime app, you earn N1000 on friend's first recharge.
  4. You can nvite up to 50 friends using Zoto app.
  5. It's relatively easy and Fast to Complete your online recharge transaction within seconds.
  6. Zoto Mobile Recharge app offers prepaid Mobile recharge for all major operators in Nigeria including Airtel, Etisalat, MTN and Glo
  7. It's 100% Secure. Your money is always in safe hands.
  8. Get amazing discounts and cashbacks on every recharge using zoto app.
  9. View tariff plans of full talktime, top up, data usage for all major operators for prepaid mobile recharge Pay using debit card, credit card for all leading banks (Mastercard, Visa and Verve) as well as ZotoCash Wallet
  10. Save recharge, account details & transaction preferences for future references.
  11. Recharge for your friends & family members with just 1-click on zoto
  12. You can view your older recharges and payments to recharge faster
  13. ZotoCash for super quick mobile recharge experience. Your money is always in safe hands.
  14. View your earned ZotoCash and use them to recharge.
  15. 100% Secure: Zoto is PCI-DSS certified and one of the few very secure recharge applications. All your transactions are 128 bit SSL secured with trust seal from industry leaders such as VeriSign
  16. Great customer support to handle any kind of unexpected issues. We promise to get back to you within 24 hours.
  17. Zoto app is small size, fast and light on your mobile phone and network. Works very well on slow data connections as well.
  18. You can nvite friends & family from Facebook, Twitter, Email or Whatsapp to use the app and earn ZotoCas.

Download Zoto Recharge App From Playstore:

You can download the official Zoto recharge app from Plastore here ===> Zoto App on Playstore

 Download Zoto Recharge Apk From ApkPure.Com

It's not a must that you need to visit Google playstore to download this app. You can also download the Zoto recharge app here ==> Zoto Apk

Bonus: You earns #100 instant airtime from Zoto app when you sign up with another person's referral code.

Another means to sign up to Zoto recharge app

  • Launch the application after downloading it. 
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Tap on "Proceed"
  • You will receive an instant call from Zoto app team. Don't pick the call, it will be verified automatically.
  • If the call verification didn't work, Zoto app will send you an SMS code that you will use to activate your account.
  • Enter your full name
  • Enter your email address, this will help you receive instant nofication whenever someone a transaction is made on your acount. It's advisable to add the email.

How to Recharge Zoto App - Buying Credit on Zoto Recharge App

There are few steps to buy recharge cards from Zoto app. As per this post, i will guide you on how to achieve this on Zoto recharge app under 5 mins or less. Are you ready?

 Step 1: Launch Your Zoto android App -enter the amount you want and click on "Proceed".

Step 2: You can recharge using the money you have accumulated with your zoto referrals cash or use your ATM card to recharge

Step 3: Click on Continue, then proceed to enter your Master Card or Visa card details (zoto also provides option for saving your card details so that you don't need to type them over again next time you want to Recharge)

Step 4: The next step is to choose either to use your hardware token, or OTP token, for authentication. OTP is more secure as a matter of fact.

Step 5: Now input your Zoto pin (zoto pin is a 4-digit number to further authenticate the transaction).

Step 6: Finally, your phone would be credited immediately and you will receive both SMS and email notifications from your bank and from Zoto app stating that you made a transaction successfully.

This seems simple to recharge card with Zoto app and truely, it is. Kindly pick up your device and download the Zoto app for financial usage. If you encounter any problem, drop your comment below and I will answer your question fast.

Final words:
Between Zoto App vs Slide Airtime App, Zoto app is the best. Zoto app has thousands of users using the platform today. Hope you enjoyed the post on How To Get #1000 Airtime From Zoto Recharge Application? Have a nice day.

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