How to Turn Off "Press Home Button" to open on iOS 10 [Use iOS "Slide to Unlock"]

How to Turn Off "Press Home Button" to open on iOS 10 - Use iOS "Slide to Unlock" - Today, I will show you a mini hack to enjoy your iOS 10 like the latter; iOS 9. You must have noticed, the "slide to unlock" pattern on your iPhone has wiped off after upgarding to iOS 10. This is a new feature added after the launch of iOS 10 but chill up, I've a guide for you that will show you how to unlock iPhone without pressing home button.

Unlocking iOS 10 With Slide to Unlock As in iOS 9 [Intro]

iOS 10 is power-packed with many awesome features since its launching but one of its feature has got many people thinking and complaining in the internet i.e unlocking iOS 10 with "Press home to Unlock". Shitty or geeky - I can't say. Few people use it like that but many people wished to use the former and best iOS unlocking system pattern, "Slide to Unlock".

Apple deliberately added the feature to curb the complains from its users that the touch ID sensor in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s were too fast. After all their effort to suite all customers, the returns becomes a debate online over the iPhone unlocking pattern.

How to enable slide to unlock ios 10

All the same, there's a quick fix for that. You can turn off "Press Home to Unlock" and use your desired unlocking pattern. This guide is for dudes who use physical "lock" button on the right side of iPhone device, or probably, the new "raise-to-turn-on-screen" feature with the old button.

Hint on Unlocking iOS 10 with Rest Finger to Unlock

Since you want to get rid of press home to unlock on your apple device running iOS 10, you are left with two sleeky options that could even be worse than "press home button to unlock. If you want to get this done without stress of pressing and holding home button, follow my simple guide below.

How to Turn Off "Press Home Button" to open on iOS 10

If you're using a touch ID enabled apple devices like iPhone 5S, iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, or any other device, you can unlock iOS 10 without pressing home buttons with these steps;

Step 1: Head over to "Settings"

Step 2: Move down to "General"

Step3: Click on "Accessibility"

Step 4: Scroll down and click on "Home Button"

Step 5: Enable "Rest Finger to Open"

Note: You can now unlock your device with "resting finger to unlock". At the same time, pressing home button can also unlock your device.

How to Activate "Rise to Wake Feature" on iOS 10

To activate rise to wake on your iPhone or Apple device, toggle the options from Settings Display and Brightness. Then turn on Rise to Wake from there.

Final words:
Hope we got you covered? This is the geeky tips on How to Enable "Slide to Unlock" in iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad. If you encounter any problem while doing this, kindly use the comment box. If rest to unlock not working for you, you can comment also and I will help you fix it.

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