Motorola Phones To Come With The Batwing Boot Logo Once Again

Motorola Phones To Come With The Batwing Boot Logo Once Again - Motorola fans hoped this would come back...and it did! Hellomoto! Motorola just uploaded a new video to their social media accounts which will be the new boot animation on Moto phones. As you may know, the batwing logo had been missing from Moto G4 and Moto Z devices, in favor of the Moto word. It seems the batwing was too iconic to let go, and now it's making a comeback. 

Along with the video, Motorola says this boot animation is new, fresh and full of all the things we love, like the batwing logo. It's pretty cool!

Lenovo Communications youtube channel also uploaded this video, and its description says "This animation will also be the power-up on new Moto phones", confirming that HelloMoto is here to stay.
HelloMoto has been Motorola's slogan since 2002, appearing as power-up on the Razr and all the phones we love. They also used it as their website, (which will now send you to and on many TV commercials. Lenovo is changing their Moto strategy now, and instead of making it look like a new brand, they want everyone to know that neither Motorola, nor its legacy are going away.

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