List of All Tecno Firmwares and Custom Roms - Tecno Recovery Files

Below is List of All Tecno Firmwares and Custom Roms i.e Tecno Recovery Files - Today, I will be your guide on how to get all Custom Recovery Files For All Tecno Android Phones. So you wanted to recover your Tecno android phone? This post will be a guide to you in order to flash a custom recovery file on Tecno.

This tutorial contains detailed steps on how to install custom recovery img file such as Clockwokmod (cwm), TWRP Recovery image on your tecno mobile phones. Below are also list of some selected recovery images for tecno phones with their download links. Before we proceed, you'll need these tools;

  • Mobile Uncle
  • Flashify
  • Sp Flash Tools 

How To Install Using Mobile UncleTools

You can;  Download Here

  1. Turn Off Internet Connection
  2. Place Your Downloaded Recovery img on Sdcard Directory
  3. Open downloaded mobile uncle tools.
  4. Select "Recovery update".
  5. Select Your Recovery
  6. Then Flash It
  7. After flashing, Reboot Into Recovery. 

How To Install With Flashify.

You can; Download Here

  1. Place your downloaded recovery on sd card.
  2. Open flashify
  3. Click Recovery image
  4. Click "Choose a file"
  5. Select Flashify File manager
  6. Select the Recovery to flash
  7. Congratulation You Flashed A Custom Recovery

How To Flash/ Install Using Sp Flashyools:

Go here for detailed guide on how to install Custom Recovery mode using Sp flashtools

Below are list of recovery img for all Tecno models. Ensure you download according to your model.

Tecno Recovery Img
*Recovery for Tecno Phantom A+ (F7) Download

*Recovery for Tecno D3 Download
*Recovery for Tecno D5 Download
*Recovery for Tecno F5 Download

*Recovery for Tecno G9 Download

*Recovery for Tecno H5 Download

*Recovery for Tecno H6 Download
*Recovery for Tecno H7 Download
*Recovery for Tecno L3 Download

*Recovery for Tecno L6 Download
*Recovery for Tecno M3 Download
*Recovery for Tecno M5 Download

*Recovery for Tecno M6 Download

*Recovery for Tecno M9 (A3) Download

*Recovery for Tecno N3 Download

*Recovery for Tecno N7 Download

*Recovery for Tecno N9 Download

*Recovery for Tecno P3 Download
*Recovery for Tecno P5 Download

*COT Recovery for Tecno P5 Download

*Recovery for Tecno P9 Download

*Recovery for Tecno Q1 Download

*Recovery for Tecno R7 Download

*Recovery for Tecno S3 Download

*Recovery for Tecno S7 Download

*Recovery for Tecno Boom J7 Download

*Recovery for Tecno Y6 Download

*Recovery for Tecno Phantom 5 Download and flash using Sp flashtools method. Go here for detailed guide

*TWRP Recovery For Tecno Phantom 5: Download and flash using sp flashyools. See Guide

This post contains the complete List of All Tecno Firmwares and Custom Roms i.e Tecno Recovery Files that will help you to Recover all Files in Tecno Android Phones.


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