Latest WhatsApp Lets You Tag People in Group Chat

Latest WhatsApp Lets You Tag People in Group Chat - What a great feature WhatsApp brings on like Facebook which you can tag someone and it works on all devices except PC users for now because they are still working on the updates for PC Version. You can tag anyone on WhatsApp group chat.

Latest WhatsApp Lets You Tag People in Group Chat

So the way this one works; the one tagged gets notified that he or she was tagged on a chat post you posted so I think its a nice move from WhatsApp Owner(Mark).

How to tag friends in a whatsapp group chat

Firstly, Update your WhatsApp Application to the latest version. You can do that below.

Updated Version Of WhatsApp

WhatsApp For iOS and WhatsApp For Android

2) Then launch it after downloading Or Updating

3) To tag simply enter a group chat and type "@" symbol without the quote.

Then choose participants from the contacts that will pop out or you can tag multiple contacts in a single message. The person you tag on WhatsApp will be notified as soon as possible.

Note: It also works with both Saved contacts And Unsaved Contacts, but Make sure you all are part of the same group chat.

Final words:
Hope you enjoyed this post "Latest WhatsApp Lets You Tag People in Group Chat". What do you think about this latest update by WhatsApp guys? Use the comment box to drop your comment!

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