Have You Activated Mtn 100% Data Bonus? Or Scammed With This Message?

Mtn network now sc@mming their users again and this has gone across almost all the mtn sims in nigeria. Mtn now sending messages to some of their customers, telling them that they have been credited some amount of data and if they load a certain amount of money, that they will be rewarded with a double data.

The message goes like this below;

You ve been credited with 750MB.Load N500 NOW, dial *131*103# & get 1.5GB. FREE 750MB available every wk. Dial *559*77# to check.

As shown in the screenshots below;

My message


So beware of that message and even MTN customer cares doesn't know about it but it had spread widely on almost all mtn sims.

Note: If you received the message without using the mtn 100% double data bonus, please do not try it because you won't be given anything but if you have activated 100% data bonus from Mtn, you can receive the bonus offer instantly. So beware!

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