4 Popular But Untapped Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Website

4 Popular But Untapped Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Website - Just as diamond is a girl's best friend, traffic is a digital marketer's best friend. Everyone wants to get more customers and make even more money online but the truth is that you will need to have driven quality and targeted traffic to achieve these feats.

Someone once said, "A blog is like a graveyard without traffic". I concur to that because I have had a fair share of hard-rough times of downright conversation with crickets. Just so you know, I share in your pain and that is why I have saddled myself with the responsibility of writing and showing you some known but untapped ways to drive targeted traffic.

4 Popular but Untapped Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic to your Website

#1. Guest post - Two years ago, one of the contributors to my blog hit published on a post he asked whether or not we can really trust guest blogging. My answer to that will be yes, considering the fact that after two years of that post going live on my blog, guest blogging is still one of the top ways in driving traffic to a blog and becoming a celebrity blogger.

However, for your guest article to be considered valuable as to driving traffic to your blog you will need to practice some guest blogging rules, which are:

1) Quality - Your article as to be quality driven. Your guest post doesn't have to be long for it to be accepted, it can be short and be accepted so long it is helpful to the consumers - blog audience.

2) Valuable - Content is king but VALUE is the King Maker! For people to keep visiting your blog or signing up for your offers, you will have to take your time to craft a very valuable post that will truly worth their whiles.

3) Well-researched article - Always remember that there are several people writing about "targeted ways to drive traffic", so you want to make sure that yours is not just a rehashed content but one that will actually worth the while of the audience in which you're writing for. What that then means is that you take your time to research, mind-map and then tailor the article to meet their needs.

4) Do more
– Mind to hear my honest opinion? Lazy guest bloggers complain of not getting results and the simple reason is because they don't take their time to craft their best works. They give junks out and keep the good stuffs for their blogs. A big mistake!

Pro Tips: If 20minutes is what it takes to write an article for your blog, my friend, be sure you spend an extra 35minutes to write an article intended for another blog - a guest post.

5) Maximize the comment session - I pitifully shake my head for some guest bloggers who fail to take advantage of the comment session of a blog. Reason is because they are losing a ton of traffic juice meant for their blogs.

Actually, I see my guest post as a home in another person's home. So I always do well to stay around to make sure I'm attending and responding to people's feedbacks. And usually, I drive more people to my blog using this technique and these folks always end up reading my blog’s about page, no wonder it’s the most visited page on my blog.

I love what Bryan Harris had to say about guest blogging, the importance and how to do it right.

“I am 100% convinced that the best possible way to grow your online business is through guest
blogging. If you have 0 readers on your site, quit writing for yourself and go write a 4,000 word
article for someone else.

Kill yourself making it incredibly helpful.
 If you do that, 1,000 people will show up at your doorstep the next day.”

#2. Craft irresistible headline - Are your headlines irresistible? Are people reading your blog posts because they found the headlines catchy?

If you answered NO to those questions, trust me friend, you’ve got a problem and you’ve got to fix it as soon as you can and that is NOW!

Well, one of the best thing you will ever do to help your blog grow to the point it become extremely successful is to start crafting powerful headlines that will draw readers in to read your stuffs.

I love what Dan Shewan had to say about crafting irresistible headline when he said, "Without a compelling headline, even the most comprehensive blog post will go unread".

You see how important writing a catchy headline is?
My advice: If you truly desire the results of blogging, you will have to embrace writing and tweaking your headlines to make it sound compelling to ME and the rest of the people out there. Plus I think this 52 Headline hacks by Jon Morrow will be pretty handy.

#3. Create list posts - In the world of short attention span, where people only scan through a post instead of reading it, it is expedient that you take advantage of listed form of writing.

How does this help in driving traffic to my blog? - you might ask.

Well, list posts are a great way to get into your readers’ heart in that it creates first-hand expectations in their hearts about your post. And that makes them want to click away to check what you had to share.

In case you don’t know, majority of online surfers love list posts and will often stumble them for their followers or share it with their network of friends on different social media platforms. Now, this translates to more traffic for you!

If writing list post doesn't work, top bloggers like Brian Clark, Darren Rowse, Ramsey of Blog Tyrant and a host of other top bloggers won't be using it to promote their thoughts.

#4. Be strange - I can already see someone chuckling and saying “What the H_ _ _ is dude saying?!” Yes, I mean it, be strange!

 By strange though, I mean you should be unusual. Your headlines and your writing style should be totally unusual - people buy into strange things. Don't they?

"3 Ways to Die Young"
“7 Reasons Why Brass Are Useless”
“Man Got Deported Because He Was Too Handsome”

What was your reaction to the above phrases?

I bet you click either of the links above. Did you or did you not?

Now, that’s the power of strangeness!

It gets people’s heart pumped that they want to immediately know what’s going on at the other side of the world – the next page.

Tell me, who is favoured?
You of course!
Favoured with What? - Traffic!

Pro Tips: To craft strange headlines involves taking time to research other headlines, mindmap, and write them down as they come to you and don’t forget to always be in the strange mode! This tool will however save you the stress if you are the lazy type.

Conclusion on Driving Targeted Traffic

You will agree with me that these 4 methods I herein mentioned are very popular but unharnessed ways famous bloggers like Harleena Singh use in driving huge, quality and targeted traffic to their blogs.

I have recently started applying these techniques to my blog and trust me I have started reaping the rewards in visits and engagements. These techniques; they work!

However, it wouldn’t have been possible if not for Lesly’s Facebook Community. Since joining this group, I have been able to meet and network with interesting folks who are doing well with their various blogs. You should JOIN US Today.It’s your turn to talk…

But before you do, I will ask you some questions:
1. Does this post solve your traffic problems?
2. Are there some points you expected me to mention that I did not?
3. Do you think mentioning Social Media or Organic Search traffic would have made sense
for a post like this?
4. Are your blog posts not garnering any attention? Use these time tested tips to spice it up

You know what this is your space, so just use the comment section to ask me your questions and I will be glad to share with you the little things I know about driving targeted traffic.

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About The Author:
Sam Adeyinka is a seasoned blogger and passionate podcaster who teaches you how to start, launch, and grow a successful online business. You can visit his blog (incomesplash.com) to learn about making money online.

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