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Ouo.io is a URL shortening service where you can shorten your links to make money from it. Ouo.io pays for each legitimate visitor that you bring to your shorten URL’s. The payout rates offered by Ouo.io are decent and varies for countries that you can check on their Payout rates page.

 They not only count unique visits to your shorten URLs in addition to that they also count the multiple views from the same visitor thus you will be benefiting for all your traffic as well as page views. They provide a simple and convenient user interface and also offer a variety of utilities so that you can easily maximize your earnings. They provide a full mobile support, so, you can easily shorten your URLs and even see the stats on a mobile device.

Join Ouo.io & Earn $25 on Sign Up 

Ouo.io Details

Payout Rates: Upto $5 (they Guaranties for Minmum $1.50 for 1000 views)

Network Type:  CPM, CPC, URL Shortener
Ad Formats:      Interstitial Ads
Minimum Payout: $5
Payment Frequency: Biweekly, Net 15
Payment Methods: Payoneer & PayPal
Requirement: N/A
Website URL: Ouo.io


Payout Rates: 

Payout rates are decent, at the time of writing this review the highest rate they were paying was upto $5/1000, which was for UK traffic. However, these rates differ for countries and change on daily basis, so, you can check them on their payout rates page for your convenience, (they Guaranties for Minmum $1.50 for 1000 views).


Sign Up And Approval: 

On Ouo.io, you can sign up for an account in just 2 minutes. Simply click on the sign up button and fill up the registration form and submit it. Once you have completed your registration then you can start creating short URLs and sharing the links with your friends, family, followers or anywhere on the internet. You will be paid for each and every impression outside of your account. Any kind of approval is not required.

Minimum Payout: 

Like other competitor shorten URL services, it also offers a very low minimum payout to its users, which is $5 only.

Payment Frequency: 

Their system automatically process payments on 1st and 15th of every month that is they pay their publishers on biweekly or Net 15 basis.

Payment Options:

Currently Ouo.io offers Payoneer & PayPal as its payment options to publishers.

Referral Program: 

On Ouo.io, you can refer friends, family or your visitors to earn a 20% commission for lifetime.

Tools Offered: 

Ouo.io offers three different tools that you can use to maximize your earnings on Ouo.io. The tools offered by Ouo.io are – Mass Shrinker, Quick Link, and Full Page Script.

Quick Link: Quick link is a link after which you can add your link that you want to shorten. Actually this link provides you the freedom from going to Ouo.io again and again to shorten your link. This link doesn’t shorten your link but it puts an advertisers ad into your link. Below is an example of quick link, simply copy and paste the below link in your browser’s address bar and press enter to see how it works. 



Mass Shrinker: Mass Shrinker is a tool with which you can shorten your multiple links. The all you have to do is to enter your multiple URLs (One Per Line) that you want to shorten and then click on submit tab to shorten them. Once you click submit tab then you will get your shorten links for multiple URLs.

Full Page Script: 
Full page script is a script for website and blog owners that they can put on to their websites or blogs to automatically convert all their links into shorten links.

Payment Proof

Dashboard And Reporting System:

As i already said above that they offer a simple and convenient user interface, so, their reporting system provides the necessary details like eCPM, views, daily earnings, monthly earnings, total available earnings, stats for separate links, a graph that shows the number of views on daily and monthly basis etc. The best thing about their reporting system is, it updates in real time.

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I also recommend to use http://adsurl.io/ they offer very high CPM rates and they are paying with paypal or bitcoin , pretty cool so far.


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