How to Root Android Phone With or Without Computer Free

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 By now we believe you know the importance of rooting your android devices. As hacking is to Symbian, jail-breaking is to Apple devices, so is rooting to Android devices.

Rooting is just a way of giving your Android devices Super/King or root access for you now to be able to perform wonders with your android devices that you were restricted from before.

Our aim here is to guide you on how to root that your stubborn android devices with the two best methods of rooting droids.

The first method that we will be discussing does not require any use of PC, but just with your Android device alone, while the second method will require you to use a PC, and so the choice is totally yours. And if by any means, the first method fails to serve your purpose, then use the second method.

 Method 1:  The use of Framaroot APK software to Root Any Android Phone

Follow the steps below and root your android with Framaroot;

= => You need Framaroot for your smartphone, simply download it here and install on your android device

= => With your android device, go to Settings>>Security>>then tick/check Unknown sources

= => You need to enable USB Debugging on your device, to do so for Android version 4.1 (Ice-cream Sandwich) and below, go to Settings>>Developers Option>>then tick/check USB Debugging. For Android version 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) and above, the Developer Option is hidden so to enable USB Debugging on those Android versions go to Settings>>About Phone>>then tap on Build Number about 8 to 10 times till the Developer Option comes up and you will then tick/check the USB Debugging.

= => Now go and open your installed Framaroot, it should prompt you to install SuberUser, tap the button to install it and a box will come up with three other options of Install SuberUser, Install SU and Unroot to choose from.

= => Choose the Install SU option and you will see something like boromir pops up, just tap on it and wait for some seconds, after which you will get a reply to reboot your device.

= => Reboot your device as requested and you should see SuperUser installed on your device signifying that you have successfully rooted that your android device.

 You should note that from the above process above, if by any means the Install SU option fails, then repeat the process and choose the other Install SuberUser option and you should see something like agorir pops up which you should tap on to continue the rooting process and you should be prompted too to reboot your device if all goes well.

That is all for the Framaroot method of rooting your droid, now over to the second method.

Method 2: Rooting your Android devices with Rootgenius Faster & Easier

As we have said before that here you will need a PC, so follow the steps below to root your droid with Rootgenius;

= => You need Rootgenius, so simply download it here and install it on your PC

= => You have to enable USB Debugging on your Android device as described in the 1st method above, so go up and lookup the how to do so

= => Now launch the Rootgenius app on your PC

= => Connect your Android device (with USD Debugging enabled) to your PC with a USB chord

= => Once your Android device is successfully connected to your PC, Rootgenius will automatically detect it.

= => You should see the Root Now button on the open Rootgenius app on your PC, click on it to commence the rooting process.

= => Wait as Rootgenius perform its task of rooting your android device, and within some time the rooting will be completed and you should now have KingUser app automatically installed on your Andorid device.

 Now check to see if KingUser has been installed on your Android, and you can restart your phone after the process. If you see KingUser app, it means your android device has been successfully rooted.

The two methods of rooting android devices explained above are capable of rooting almost all the Android devices that you know. And it is important to note that rooting voids the warranty of your device.

Finally, the whole processes are easily reversible, if by any means you decide that you no longer want your phone rooted, you can unroot it by opening KingUser on your device and removing root permission.

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