How to Borrow Data From MTN Network on MtnXtraByte

MTNXtraByte is a new data plan rolled out by MTN Nigeria to help its users borrow data in order to browse with their devices and pay back later on. Its just the same you borrow recharge cards from your network.

 Have you ever been in a situation where you are downloading or streaming videos online and you ran out of data to complete what you were doing?

Then with the MTN latest Xtrabyte, you no longer need to worry at that moment as you can now borrow data even when your credit balance is empty to complete your download or video streaming.

Yes you can also use your borrowed MTN Xtratime to subscribe for additional data, but the advantage of MTN Xtrabyte over the MTN Xtratime when it comes to data services is that the MTN Xtrabyte allows you a faster opportunity to borrow data directly instead of borrowing airtime first from Xtratime and then subscribing for additional data.

So this offer is that you can borrow airtime through MTN XtraTime, also borrow data through XtraByte as long as you are eligible for the services.

How to get eligible and know if you are eligible

To be able to borrow data or Megabytes from Mtn Xtrabyte you must fulfill these criterias below;

    Your sim must be fully registered
    Your account balance must be between 0naira and 12naira.
    Your number must be active on the network for 3months.

To check if you are eligible, kindly dial *606# and select 1 from your mtn registered network.

Data you can borrow from Mtn Xtrabyte are;

  •     10MB
  •     30MB
  •     100MB
  •     200MB
  •     750MB
Data allocation on MTN Xtrabyte are repaid to MTN with an interest of 10% as can be seen from the image below showing the Xtrabyte bundles, prices and validity periods.

To borrow data or Megabytes, dial *606# and follow the prompt appropriately and to check your borrowed data or Megabyte balance, dial *606#, then select check balance from the options.

Things you need to know about the Mtn Xtrabyte

  •     You can borrow data once you are eligible
  •     The borrowed Xtrabyte will loaded in Xtrabyte special account not main account.
  •     So to pay back, mtn will deduct your money for it, just like the credit Borrow method. For instance, if a customer owing N110 XtraByte does a recharge of N400, the N110 owed is first deducted from the recharge, then N290 will be loaded into the customer’s main account.
  •     You can borrow as many times you like as long that you don't have any outstanding bills.
 Note that any airtime that you recharge thereafter will be deducted to the tune of your borrowed data amount.

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