Best Alternatives to BuySellAds to Make Money Online From Your Blog2016

Selling Ads from your site or blog is one of
the best way you can earn good amount of
money, but earning money through
BuySellAds is also not a piece of cake there
is a whole list of requirements that you
need to fulfill and only then you can get
approved by BuySellAds. Click HERE to
check out complete guide on how to get
approved on BuySellAds If by any chance
your site does not fulfills the criteria given
above and gets rejected so, worry not here
at Bloggingdesk we bring you some of the
best BuySellAds alternatives that will you
give you advertisers that do not have such
high demands or such strict policy as well
as you will also be able to earn a good
amount of cash from it.
Here in this article today we will explain
What is BuySellAds and what are the best
BuySellAds alternatives that you should
consider if you want good traffic and good
amount of cash.
What is BuySellAds?
BuySellAds is the top advertising company
that gives you some of the best advertisers
from all over the world who find the best
websites or blogs with a great number of
traffic to publish their ads online in a way it
can also be called digital marketing. On the
other hands it is a great way to make money
for a blogger from his blog and attract a
good amount of traffic.
A blogger applies for BuySellAds and then
after reviewing the blog, it gets approved in
the network. Then the blogger creates a
listing by showing various ad spaces on his
blog. An advertiser sees the listing and
purchases an ad spot. They make the
payment to BuySellAds, you accept or
reject the advertisements and the ads start
appearing on your blog. BuySellAds takes
25% of your income through ads as a
commission and the rest 75% belongs to
Why should you consider
BuySellAds alternatives?
No doubt BuySellAds is one of the biggest
and one of the top advertising company in
the world right now and therefore it very
tough to get approved on BuySellAds. One
of their main requirement is you should have
thousands of visitors on you blog or site.
And many tend to fail to fulfill one of the
main requirement for getting approved on
buysellads. Even if you do fulfill their
requirements there is no guarantee whether
you site gets approved or not.
Therefore when not getting approved by
BuySellAds we bring you some of the best
alternative solutions that are not so strict
and are easy to go with.
Best BuySellAds
is growing day by day and is one of the
finest and one of the top best alternative to
BuySellAds now a days. PUBLICITYCLERKS
is very popular among Ad Networks and
Google AdSense . It also uses almost the
same technology software compared to
BuySellAds. It is a ray of hope for many
bloggers who got rejected from BuySellAds
and Google AdSense.
To get accepted on Publicityclerks you
don’t need to have large amount of traffic
with a minimum of 50 or 40 thousand
visitors per month. It does not have such a
strict policy as BuySellAds. You can get
easily get accepted. PUBLICITYCLERKS gets
you a lot of advertisers. You can set up the
price according to you and your site for ad
spots. With this BuySellAd alternative you
can easily convert your every single site
click into a revenue stream. Another great
thing about this BuySellAd alternative is if
your living in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh or
even Sri Lanka you can receive your
Payment through your credit card, PayPal or
even through Payoneer, you just need to
give them your IBAN number and get all
your revenue deposited straight in your
local bank. No need to feel sad or rejected
because PUBLICITYCLERKS is here for you.
BlogAds is the best alternative for
BuySellAds and is very close competition to
BuySell Ads. BlogAds is in the market for a
very long time and brings quite a large
number of advertisers. If you get rejected
from BuySellAds your second best solution
would be BuySellAds. Blogads take 30% of
your income from your ads as commission
and give 70% to you. This 30% of your ads
income would be worth it if you get
approved on BlogAds.
OIOPUBLISHER is a WordPress plugin that
you can install easily and sell ad spots on
your blog or site. If you have a site or a
blog with targeted visitors then you should
definitely consider OIO PUBLISHER for your
site or blog. It will help you make great
amount of money. OIO PUBLISHER is easy
to work with one of the best thing about
this BuySellAd alternative is you can add
your own banner or any affiliate link in
empty ad spaces and can monitor the
traffic, you can also track the traffic with
analytics option. Another great thing about
this BuySellAd alternative is that you get to
keep 100% of your earnings from the ads.
Click here to check out their DEMO
Project Wonderful
Project Wonderful is yet another best
alternative of BuySellAds. The name itself
says Project Wonderful. The Wonder about
this BuySellAd alternative is that it provides
live bidding where you can sell the ad
space on your site to the advertiser who
offers you the most money. With this Live
Bidding system, you can sell a single ad
spot to multiple advertisers as the ads will
be changed for the highest bidder. Project
Wonderful keeps 25% of your income as
commission. The best part about this
alternative is that it also accepts blogspot
and wordpress subdomains.
AdSella is one of the foremost BuySellAd
alternative, best part about this Ad
alternative is that you can easily get
accepted it is a piece of cake to get
accepted on AsSella. It has huge number of
advertisers and publishers so don’t worry
you wont be missed on AdSella. They
however keep 20% of your income as
commission but let you fix the rate of ad
Do let us know in the comment section
below which one of the alternative was your
favorite. If any queries regarding blogging
feel free to contact us. We will contact you
because our readers problems are our

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