6 WhatsApp Problems on Android: Here are Possible Solutions

WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used social media application. Almost everyone is using this medium to chat and do some other things with their friends and relatives. Here I will guide you on to solve six common WhatsApp Problems on Smartphones.

1 Installation of WhatsApp on Android tablet

Most Android Tablet  works only with Wi-Fi, you might face a problem while trying to install WhatsApp.

¶ Download the Latest Whatsapp  on your tablet.(Note:- Use Chrome or Firefox as your browser via PC) and then request the Desktop site in the menu.

¶ Click on Android download(The .apk file will be downloaded to your tablet).

¶  Transfer it to your tablet via USB or email.

¶ Install WhatsApp.apk into your tablet.

Follow the instructions to set your Whatsapp account.

2. Uninstalling WhatsApp Application

Some Android phone are not compatible with WhatsApp, make sure your device is compatible anything above Android 2.1 is compatible but otherwise will result into failure.  To save your time follow this steps:-

¶ Settings 

¶ Security 

¶ Unknown Sources to activate it.

3. No Internet connection

Sometimes, It might be due to Wi-Fi issues or data connection error. Follow this steps to resolve it:-

¶ Switch ON your phone (make sure you have installed the latest version of WhatsApp before switching ON)

¶ Check the internet connection on your phone.

¶ Go to Settings → Applications → WhatsApp → Clear Cache.

¶ You can uninstall the app and reinstall it again.


Download the latest version of WhatsApp, Make sure you save your contact information correctly but some people cannot identify their contact information again. Solution :-

¶ The numbers saved must be using WhatsApp messenger.

¶ Make sure all the contacts are set to ‘visible’ and/or ‘viewable’ mode.

¶ Ensure you set your contact groups are set to ‘visible’ and/or ‘viewable’ mode.


This is the most needed feature in a messenger application. There are certain people who take away your peace of mind by messaging you all the time. The next thing is to block them.

Step #1. Go to the conversation window of the contact that you want to block. Then, Tap the ‘three vertical dots’.

Step #2. Tap ‘More’ and then tap ‘Block’.

Your blocked contact will be unable to see your display pic, status message or initiate any conversation with you. You can block as many contacts as you like but if you feel you want to Unblock just follow the same procedure.

6. Unable to hide Last Seen on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has introduced privacy policy for all Smartphones, so if you don't want people to see all you chat follow this steps

Step #1. Go to Settings.

Step #2. Then, Go to Account.

Step #3. Go to Privacy, Tap on it.

Step #4. Tap Last Seen, then finally, Select Nobody from the options.

You are done. Nobody will be able to figure out your Last Seen timings. It is such a relief.

Hope this article has been informative to you. There are the Common Whatsapp Problems and the solutions to them.
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