How to Delete Background from any Image on Android Phones

Background eraser:- is the Android application for editing the background image.  

Description about the application

◇ This is an application for cutting pictures and for making a picture's background transparent.

◇ The resulting images can be used as stamps with other apps to make a photomontage, collage.


"Auto" mode
・Erase similar pixels automatically.

¶ "Extract" mode
・Select and erase objects which you want to remove accurately, by using blue & red markers.

¶ it's very important to make a picture's background transparent accurately
if you want to superimpose photos and make good composite photos.

How to Delete Background from any Image on Android Phones

After you have erased the background from the image, you can easily make use of the image as stamps with any other app to make photomontage, collage. This is an enhanced feature and you get to run any other photo editing task on android, even without the help of computer’s Corel draw.

Some other features of Background eraser includes auto mode, erase similar pixel automatically, extraction mode, object selection for removal and many more.


You can download background eraser from Google Playstore

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