9 Major Differences Between Android Marshmallow 6.0 And Android Lollipop 5.1

What are the things you should know about this Android operating systems?  Of course,  yes,  right!  You need to know why?  Because Many Smartphone users have been hearing this marshmallow and Lollipop OS device for some years now and some don't really bother to know what is all about. Let us move on...

Android Marshmallow 6.0 is the successor to Android Lollipop 5.1. Android Lollipop was released in May 2015 which fix many problems and bugs of all the previous versions (5.1, 4.4) of Android. Marshmallow has been introduced by Google to feature several development over Lollipop ; like improvement in the performance rate, a new user interface etc.

I have done some research on the differences between the two versions, just take your time to go through  this article.  The two version are quite similar but their ate differences. Here are the 9 differences between Marshmallow and Lollipop.

1. Marshmallow Vs Lollipop:- App Permissions

Android Marshmallow, user's now have a way to integrate the permissions to manage your application.  For Lollipop you had to allow all application permission before you can download the app from the play store. Marshmallow gives your Android device a mere informative control over any permission you need.

2. Marshmallow Vs Lollipop:- Performance

The performance is quite similar on both versions of the OS but M takes the lead with a better memory management.

3. Marshmallow Vs Lollipop:- Fingerprint Sensors

With Android Marshmallow, Google has give a native/Uniform standard support Fingerprint readers, the reason is because before Android M each manufacturer has it own software solutions implemented into the system ; uniform access to Fingerprint Sensor was not possible.

4. Marshmallow Vs Lollipop:- Battery life 

The two OS version has a good battery life quality but Android Marshmallow goes a step further, with a battery saving function known as Doze.  It is like a sleep mode that off all the apps when the device is not in use and put the application in lower power state. Doze saves battery life twice as better than the standby mode of marshmallow.

5. Marshmallow Vs Lollipop:- Lock screen

The lock screen shortcuts are different. Android Marshmallow lock screen shows voice search and camera while Android Lollipop lock screen have dialer and camera.

6. Marshmallow Vs Lollipop:- Notifications

Actually, not a real change has occur between the two OS only for the animation you will see when any notifications arrives. Android Marshmallow falls down with a thud while Lollipop is just a slide down animation.

7. Marshmallow Vs Lollipop:- App drawer

The app drawer is the place where you would come across the next visual difference.  Marshmallow uses a vertical one while Lollipop uses a horizontal one. There is a bar at the top which contains users four frequently used applications.

8. Marshmallow Vs Lollipop:- Google Now On Tap

Google now is a virtual assistants that studies the user's behavior and interest and provides a bunch of info before users even ask of it.  In marshmallow Google now will be expanded to offer integration within third party apps and generate contextual responses.  From then data,  Google now call this "Now on Tap"  and it opens up almost limitless possibilities

9. Marshmallow Vs Lollipop:- Android Ram Manager

We can't put aside this when talking about the differences. Android Marshmallow ram manager users can now see which app is affecting your device to be slow and when app is using minimum, average and maximum amount of Ram but for Android Lollipop  it can only see the total amount of Ram and also the Ram each app users in details.

 In conclusion

I hope that the differences between them now has helped you a lot.  This Android Marshmallow and Android Lollipop differences has quickly made it clear that the changes are significantly smaller than they were between the Lollipop update and KitKat. But anything can still come up from Google as we all know that.

If their is anything will didn't add and you think it is important please share via the comment section and  What are your thoughts on Android Marshmallow and Lollipop so far?  

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  1. Thanks for listing down all the major differences. I was planning to upgrade my device with the latest Android and these tips are really helpful to know about the new operating system.

    1. I Hope you enjoyed the article. Make sure you note the features before upgrading (as you have planned already).

      Thanks for dropping by @Marty Rogers


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