Things That You Know About Private IP Address Ranges

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When it comes to building or creating the network, then you need to consider some essential things. As the way, the IP address is one of the most effective things that are used to identify the computer or the systems in the network. In fact, the IP address is a sequence of numbers that are separated by the dots and they are used to communicate with each other. As well as, they are also used for sharing the resources in the most effective manner. In this article, you will see about the IP address in the most effective way.

Private IP address ranges

Actually, the IP addresses are available in two different forms and they
are like the IP address and the public IP address.

In fact, the private IP addresses are mostly used on the residential or the
official purposes to increase its security features. Furthermore, it is
also effective to conserve the public addressing space.

An IP address is considered as the private IP address when the number of
the address falls within one of the IP addresses ranges that are reserved
for the private uses by the internet standard groups. As this way, the
private IP addresses may in range from as follows.

- through

- From To

These are the ranges of the private IP address and it is used in the most
of the places like as school, home and business LAN’s like as hotels and

The varieties of private IP address
In that manner, the is one of the private IP addresses that have been set as the default IP address in the broadband routers that are used in the homes. In fact, you can find this address on the routers like Linksys, Netgear, Westell and more. All of these routers have used this address as their default IP for establishing the standard computing environment.

As the same way, the is one of the private IP address and it is
used as the default IP in the Cisco branded networks. Furthermore, this
address may also use in the private network servers. In some cases, this may also be called as the default gateway and it represents the
local side of the router’s connection to the internet. You can get more
details by searching through the internet.


Many business networks will make use of IP address in high range.
The routers with IP address are widespread in the online market.
If you want to choose the router for home, you can select the router with IP address. Most of the people make use of this address for
private internet access. The IP address is a private IPv4 address and most of the internet devices are configured with this address.

Restricted to a single device

Internet protocol (IP) address is highly used by computers in the
recognition and communication process. It is utilized as an identifier for
classifying electronic devices that are linked to a network. Router
manufacturer will make use of IP address for configuring the router. The
usage of private IP address will protect the computer network in a safe
way. The location of private address may vary as per the certain ranges.

Generally, private addresses are non-routable as it restricts the entry
traffic effectively. If you want to link the routers to other networks,
private IP address needs to do a gateway for detecting it. In the present
days, most of the router manufacturers make use of private IP address as
because of its security features. Using the router with private IP address,
you can browser in a protected network without any hassles. Even, you can
suggest the benefits of private IP address to your friends.

- The IP address is restricted only for a single device for securing
address conflicts.

- Private addresses are quite strange as they are utilized for certain
range of networks.

- IP address will not be vulnerable by bad users in any case.

Get rid of address conflicts

If same IP address is used in a single network, users need to face the
hassles of address conflicts. In that case, you want to make sure on your
network about the usage of private address ranges. If you want to change
the default address of the router, you want to contact the network administrator instantly. If you find any problems in router, you can fix it with the use of network experts.

Further, if you have any knowledge on
router and networks, you can fix the issues on your own. People who are
concerned to identify this IP address need to do some simple steps. You
just check the label or else you want to make use of command prompt for
knowing about address. 

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