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Routers are becoming one of the most indispensable and affordable networking equipments within in the households and the small offices. Now, the routers are offered with the most interesting advanced technologies. In fact, they have designed to provide the best network usages. 

So, you need to choose the right one for availing the best benefits. The routers are offered in the variety of brands and each of them has different notification and therefore you need to choose the right one for availing
the benefits.

In that manner, NetGear is one of the products that are available in the market and they can provide you the best performance in networking. In this article, you will see about the functions and features of the NetGear router in the most effective manner. Default IP address of the NetGear Router People who have bought the NetGear router should definitely know the Login IP address in the most effective manner. 

Generally, the router manufacturers have used a specific IP address to their router device as the default gateway. So, you can avail this default IP address when you have
purchased the router. Later, you can change it for your purpose. As the
same manner, the NetGear is one of the routers that are also having the IP
address as its default gateway. So, you need to know it for further actions
to make in the networking. Furthermore, you can change this address later for your purpose.

In fact, this default IP address can enable you to access the administrative functions easily when you have set up the router for the first time. So, it is highly important to know this IP address for this

As the way, the default IP address of the NetGear router is and
this is the private address and so it can only be used locally. However,
the NetGear router can obtain the other public address when it is connected
to the internet.

As the administrator of the router, you can able to change this default IP
address at the time of the setting up or anytime later. However, altering
this router’s default IP address is a mandatory thing to avoid the
conflicts in the IP address of the internet or the modem. However, it can
be gained when you have search through the internet about the IP address
for the NetGear router.

Ways to find the default IP address of your network

In some cases, you may not find the IP address of your NetGear router and
so you have to find any other techniques to find that thing. However, it
can be gained through the easiest way.

 For this purpose, you have to follow
the below mentioned tips.

- Initially, you need to open the command prompt in your system through
the Run dialogue box by providing CMD or the Command Prompt.

- It will show the black screen of the Command Prompt. There you need to
provide IPCONFIG through your keyboard.

- After that, you need to press the enter key. This will show the entire
information about the router you have used for the network.

- There, you can see the IP address of your router and so you can take
them in the most effective manner.

Apart from the IP address, this IPCONFIG also provides some other details
about the router and the network like as name of the network, username and
password and more. So, you can easily get them through this method.

How to customize your network settings?

Once you have gained the IP address of your NetGear router, you can use it
for customizing the network settings. For this purpose, you can try these
following steps.

- First and foremost thing you have to do is to open the web browser
that is already installed on your computer.

- IF you have opened the browser, you need to type the IP address on the
address bar as .

 In fact, one of the most important
things you have to note down is 192.168.o.1.1 is the wrong one and
the correct way to mention the IP address is So, you need to
be very careful while providing the IP address on the address bar.

- Once you have typed the correct IP address, it will redirect to the
Login screen. There, you will need to provide the username and the password
for accessing the network.

- However, the username and password can easily be obtained by referring
the manual that is provided at the time of purchasing your router.

- You have to provide the right username and password for your network
to access. If you have correctly provided it, you will be redirected to the
network settings page.

 In this page, you can change the settings of your
network in the most effective manner.

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