How to subscribe for MTN 500MB data for N25 [Mid-Night plan]

MTN is trying so hard to gain more customers and owing to the current era we are in, affordable data is the surest way to winning customer’s heart much faster.
We have seen MTN dish out series of surprises the last few weeks coupled with a reduction in price of it’s data plan.

To be eligible for this package, you’ve to make sure that you’re migrated to MTN iPulse. As known, the MTN iPulse tariff plan is the best tariff for internet users. To migrate to the MTN iPulse, simply dial *406#.  Once you’ve successfully migrated, then you can now activate the 500MB for N25 night plan.

How to activate the 500MB for N25 Night plan?

1.       Make sure you’re migrated to MTN iPulse. Dial *406# to migrate.

2.       After that, send NIGHT to 131 and you’ll receive a success message. N25 would be deducted from your account.

3.       That’s all.

I think This plan is a better alternative compared to the MTN 4.5GB for N2500 Mid-night data plan.

Once you’re subscribed to the MTN 500MB for N25 internet package, you’ll be allowed to use the plan from 12am to 4:00am.

 Note that you can't accumulate this data plan and you can't subscribe for another 500MB again after you've exhausted the first 500MB, until the following night. This simply means that you only get 500MB for #25 on a SIM in a night, since that's the case, just get yourself as many MTN SIMs as possible and start using them one after the other. If you've got good mathematical knowledge then it simply means that you can get 1GB for just #50 with 2 MTN SIMs, 2GB for just #100 with 4 MTN SIMs and so on like that.   

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