How to Stop Spam Calls and Messages From MTN, GLO, Airtel or Etisalat

Do you know you can stop Spam Calls and Messages From MTN, GLO, Airtel or Etisalat? If 'NO', then, here is a cool tutorial post for you to stop them now. It can be so annoying when these useless calls and messgaes enters into your smartphone when you are expecting something cool. Like having congratulation message from 33181, 35020, 33115, 35685 telling you that your number “08065046***” as been qualified to receive free health tips for one week for just #100.

These messages and calls are now getting out of hands. Can you imagine, i often receive a call from the normal 11 digits phone number - only to discover its spammy calls. I can't talk about the messages am receiving on daily basis on my inbox. Hmm, i will show you how to stop all these spam calls and messages from mtn, glo, airtel and etisalat from your sim card.

It doesn't matter the type of phone you are using; you can still stop it. Some kinds of mobile and their various applications to stop spam calls and messages.

  • For Android  & BB10 –  Binga App
  • For Blackberry – Phone Warrior
  • For iOS –  iBlacklist
  • For Symbian – NetQin Mobile Security 5.0 or Sms Spam killer

How to Stop Spam Calls and Messages on Android and BB10 Mobiles

If you wanna stop all spam sms and calls, you got to use this Binga app. Binga was created to stop all messy and unwanted calls from android and bb10 mobiles.
You can now go ahead and download the Binga App from Google Playstore. This is the best app to stop these nonsense calls - it worked for me.

How to Stop Spam Calls and Messages on BlackkBerry Phones

 To stop unwanted calls and spammy messgaes from BlackkBerry phones, use Phone Warriors. You can download it from Google Playstore.

How to Stop Spam Calls and Messages on iOS Devices

The best app to stop spam calls on Apple/ iOS devices is iBlacklist app. iBlacklist app gives you the option to choose the contacts to call you and the ones not to call you - likewise messages. It enhances your mobile usage privacy by blocking the message pop-ups on the screen.

You can download iBlacklist HERE.

How to Stop Spam Calls and Messages on Symbian Phones

To stop spam calls and messages from Symbian phones, you need to download the most powerful anti-virus software for Symbian called NetQin Mobile Security 5.0. 

Netqin Antivirus blocks viruses, spyware, malware& Trojans. It also helps in Safe browsing & download protects you from phishing sites & malware.

It helps in Privacy protection by monitoring apps that access your private data without permission. It's traffic monitoring tracks data usage.

Other Features of NetQin Mobile Security are;
• System optimization
• Contacts & messages backup
• Anti-lost locates your lost phone remotely.

You can download Netqin Mobile Security from Nokia Store

Another powerful application to use on Symbian phones to stop spam messages is SMS Spam Killer. Just like Netqin Antivirus, SMS spam killer fights irrelevant messages from entering our phones. You stops any contact from sending SMS/messages to you by adding it to the spam folder/blacklist. You will never receive any message from them again.

You can download SMS Spam Killer from Nokia Store.

I know many people are still using symbians today. But the number of users is not as much as it was in couple of years back. Thanks for the invention of android mobile.

This is the full tutorial on How to Stop Spam Calls and Messages From MTN, GLO, Airtel or Etisalat. Drop your comments below about your experiences and how any of these apps works for you. Have a nice day.

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