How to Install Awesome Template by Tina Chen on Blogger

Awesome template by Tina Chen 
If you need to grow a fast loading website on blogger, awesome template by Tina Chen is the best option to you. Many top blogs world-wide are using it today to make their blogs look nice. This is why it's recommended by blogger from day 1. Am using it and will always recommend you to do same.

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I stumbled upon awesome template when i sarted blogging back then, now it has been helping me a lot. Imagine having a blogger template that increases your CTR and RPM by 50%! I makes more $$$ on my blogger blogs using awesome template by Tina Chen. Today, I will teach you how to install it from blogger dashboard or download it. (download link will be included also).

How to Install Awesome Template by Tina Chen on Blogger 


 Log on to blogger dashboard. Open the blog you wanted to install awesome template on if you have many blogs. Go to Layout, now click on Template Designer

Secondly, click on Awesome Inc.Finally, tap on Apply to Blog to save it.

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Oct 28, 2016, 5:21:00 PM delete

Pls i need a customised Awesome inc template..dat has been have related posts....Full height header...
Image header appearing in mobile version.
Send it to my gmail.
Trust me..there is reward.


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