How to Get Google Adsense Account After Being Banned

How to recover your adsense account or get back your adsense account after ban or hack

How to get an adsense account after being banned

Google Adsense is one of the best advertising platform for bloggers and other online business groups. It can be gotten without much stress. To have it on one's blog/website is like a grace as it's stringent to get in some developing countries like Nigeria. Many people use the Google Adsense case as a medium to scam other people online. You can see it on forums and on social medias bearing the inscription "adsense account for sale" her and there. All the same, it's easy to get Google Adsense account in some developed countries of the world like USA, Canada or Russia with a young blog.

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The hope of making money with Google Adsense Gone?
Many people has lost the hope of making money from their blog/website after loosing adsense. Ya! it pains to get your google adsense account banned when you know you did not violate any of the google adsense terms of service. Some newbies into the world of blogging usually kill their google adsense account by themselves at the long run of making huge money with google adsense.

how to get adsense account reinstated

 Most at times, they are faced with bad strike messages from google stating "Google Adsense Account Disabled" . In most case, google tend to ban adsense accounts because of invalid activities on the account. It may result from over-clicking on the ads unit by visitors or by haters to get your adsense banned for invalid clicks. Mind you, google pays high engineers to manage the adsense service on daily basis to check those that goes beyond the official google adsense policies. So, doon't try to play prank with google adsense any more.

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Google Adsense Account Disabled How to Enable
There are so many measures to take whenever your adsense account is disabled or banned due to any reason. Below are few things to do first to help you get your adsense account back...

1. Report Your Adsense Account If Hacked:
You could loose your adsense account if a hacker tries to inject harmful codes to it. When a condition like this arises, there are many actions to take in order to report that your adsense account is hacked. But if you notice undue activities on your site, as a blogger, visit google search console to check for malwares.

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If you found any, kindly report it fast to google team using this link - Report to Google. Surely, they will take immediate steps to remove it for you.

2. Remove Ads Code Near Download buttons:
It's advisable not to drop your ads unit code near any download button. It's against Google adsense terms and policy to put it there. Why? because it confuses visitors from the real download button.

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