How to Add Flying Twitter Bird on Blogger [Animated Tweet Bird]

Add a Cute Flying Twitter Bird To Your Blogs
It looks nice to see the awesome twitter bird flying up and down your website. Many people has been asking about the flying twitter bird html code
Flying Twitter Bird on Blogger
Today I will guide you on how to add twitter bird widget on blogger blog. Mind you; you can also add the flying twitter bird plugin on WordPress But we gonna discuss about the blogger gadget for twitter bird today.

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Twitter's worldwide is populated with over 200 million users, generating 65 million tweets a day, it has become a must for every web master to use twitter sharing buttons and applications as much on his web as possible.

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 This lets users to easily tweet our blogs posts and websites which thereby generates huge traffic for us in return. Harish of has coded a beautiful cute twitter bird that flies from corner to corner of your web page as you scroll up or down. It has a follow me link as well as tweet link. It is simply compatible with all browsers. Now, the code to add the animated twitter bird below.

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How to Add Animated Flying Twitter Bird on Blogs

  1. Go To Blogger > Design > Edit HTML 
  2. Backup your template 
  3. Search for </body> And just above it paste the code below.
<script src='' type='text/javascript'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
var twitterAccount = &quot;JosephChikeleze&quot;;
var tweetThisText = &quot; <data:blog.pageTitle/> : <data:blog.url/> &quot;;
Replace JosephChikeleze with your twitter account username.

    6.  Save your template and you are done!
    7.   View your blog and you will see the animated flying twitter bird.
How did you see this nice gadget? Drop your comment if it worked or did not worked out for you. If you encounter any error adding this widget, drop your website link. 

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I'm really going to consider adding this to my blog as well. Thanks for this.


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