All Huawei USB Modem + ZTE Modems Unlocker Softwares [Free Download]

all huawei modem unlocker software

...and you've gotten the zte or huawei usb modem/dongle, and it's not connecting your sims on the internet. You tried all the settings to make it work - yet its not connecting. I could remember buying a zte modem but it's not unlocked. I have to take it to the market to unlock the modem with any huawei unlocker. A friend of mine has working zte modem unlocker. But it did not work for me.
unlock zte and huawei modem

There are many modem unlocking softwares in the market and online for free download. But how many of these modem unlocker can unlock your zte or huawei modems? I tried using the dc unlocker software those days, but the serial number for dc unlocker is not responding. The modem huawei made is too stubborn for me to unlock, right. I paid a computer engineer some bucks to unlock it but all the same, no way.

Today, this post will solve all your questions about how to unlock any known modem + the software to unlock them. Questions like;
  • how to unlock huawei e303 modem
  • how to crack a modem for free browsing
  • how to unlock modem to use any sim
  • how to unlock modem with unlock code
  • how to unlock modem online
  • how to unlock zte modem
 Mind you the title of this post is All Huawei USB Modem + ZTE Modems Unlocker Softwares [Free Download] right? - so i will be giving you the best software to unlock your usb modems. In my next post, we will discuss the step by step guide used in unlocking any modem.


The DC UNLOCKER - modem unlocker software as created by the company, is meant to be using credits to operate your works. In the sense that, the more you unlock modems, the more your credit goes down.

E156 E155, E1550 E1552, E156G E160, E160G E161 E166, E169 E169G, E170, E172, E176 E1762 E180 E182E E196 E226 E270, E800,E870 E880 EG162 E880 EG162 EG162G EG602 EG602G E271 E272 E510 E612 E618 E630 E620 E630+ E660 E660a

 ZTE K3565Z, ZTE K3565Z, MF100, ZTE MF100, MF110, ZTE MF110, MF112, ZTE MF112,MF190
ZTE, MF190, MF628, ZTE MF628, MF622, ZTE MF622, MF627, ZTE MF627, MF633, ZTE MF633, MF637, ZTE MF637, MF626, ZTE MF626, MF636, ZTE MF636, MF668, ZTE MF668, MF680, ZTE MF680, MF195, ZTE MF195, MF669, ZTE MF669, MF880, ZTE MF880, MF190B
ZTE MF190B, MF820, ZTE MF820, MF820D, ZTE MF820D, MF691, ZTE MF691, MF821, ZTE MF821, MF820T, ZTE MF820T, MF820S2, ZTE MF820S2, K5006-Z, Vodafone K5006-Z, AL621, ZTE AL621

universal modem unlocker:
Download the software here - Modem Unlocking Software

Note: for you to install the software, it will require a password. Kindly enter "" in the box without sign ". 

Final Words;
 This is the best tutorila on how to download softwares that will help you to unlock huawei and zte modems without problem. Like i said, i will show you how to use it if you are still new to modem unlocking in my next post - stay tuned. Kindly drop your comment if you downloaded this modem unlocker or not. I will like to hear from you. Do you need the full tutorial?? Use the comment box below.

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