7 Useful Pieces of Software for Digital Marketers

Using tools to drive traffic to your website has become a thing of ease, especially since there are so many ever-evolving software and tools out there. The concept is funny though, yet that is how things are done lately.

    In the world of digital marketing, things have become quite simple: one tool to rule them all, one tool to find them, one tool to bring them all, and on the website bind them.

    Without further introduction, here is a list of 7 great pieces of software that every digital marketer should have.


    Being one of the biggest and most established marketing automation companies on the market, Marketo allows you to easily manage and launch marketing campaigns. Everything you need as a digital marketer can be found within Marketo, including tools for automating inbound marketing, social media marketing, lead management tools and other dashboards which are concerning sales and analytics.

    The company was registered on NASDAQ, right after generating almost $60 million revenue in 2012. If you are  looking for the best of the best, Marketo is definitely something you should consider.


    Yesware can easily pass as the best email platform in the world, which allows salespeople to manage and track emails, and thus close more deals. The platform is designed to keep track of all emails open, to provide in-email analytics and data on user engagement. Not only that, but it gives you full insight on every single email sent, where it ended up and what its effect was on the people who received it.

    Yesware synchronizes seamlessly with CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft, Dynamics and Oracle. Since it initially kick started, it raised over $4 million in less than a year, which made it one of the top companies to watch out for in the years to come.


    If you are looking for powerful inbound marketing solutions, HubSpot is the right tool for you. It offers personalized and more effective alternatives for solving and creating traditional marketing strategies which tend to harass most customers.
    HubSpot was founded in 2006 and it raised $35 million in a short period of time. It included tools for blogging, social media, lead management and  marketing analytics.

     Everyone who ever used HubSpot left the best review, and the user interaction with this software is just outstanding. As a digital marketer, this is definitely something you will want to have in your arsenal.


    Another company from Salesforce, Pardot is an easy to use B2B Marketing automation tool that helps boost and close your sales and maximizes the effects of marketing teams. It is created for increasing your revenue and helping you boost your effectiveness.

    Pardot’s lead management software features CRM integration, as well as email marketing, lead scoring and nurturing and ROI reporting which helps marketing and sales teams work together in order to create and generate sales leads. The company was founded in 2007, and bought by salesforce in 2013 for over $100 million.


    If you are a small business owner or someone employed to help a small business sprout, you will definitely want Infusionsoft on your team. It is the world’s leading marketing and sales software used for small business owners, which helps them get organized, grow sales and save lot of time on other activities.

    Many bloggers use this software in order to create marketing campaigns. With Infusionsoft, creating and executing sales and marketing strategy is a piece of cake. It is equipped with the latest centralized support, interactive dashboards and analytics which will give you better insight into your campaigns and sales.

    The company was founded in 2001; it currently has over 30,000 customers and has risen over $125 million in funding.

    Raven Tools

    If you are looking for all in one internet marketing tool, Raven Tools is the right choice. It is a go-to software for all things concerning online marketing. Equipped with the latest SEO research and marketing tools, Raven offers its users everything they need to become powerful digital marketers.

    There is a dedicated team of designers which constantly keep updating its platform with new features, which makes it completely up to date. It was founded 10 years ago, and it comes at a monthly fee of $99 and a free trial period of 30 days.

    Since I never before heard of it, some of the  SEO experts from Online Marketing Gurus opened my eyes. They said that Raven Tools helped them immensely with some of their campaigns, so I decided to try it out and immediately saw its functionality and potential.


    Another powerful tool designed to ease the lives of salespeople is Ducksboard. Its unique design and interactive interface makes it easy to use and shortens the time you require to organize your email listing and contacts.

    Keeping track of every registered user on your mailing list and all your subscribers can be very exhausting, which is why Ducksboard was created; its dashboards not only keep an up to date data and information about all your users, but they also allow you to create sale campaigns and close the deals a lot easier than with any other software.

    Ducksboard was founded in 2013, and ever since the company raised over $50 million.
    These 7 great pieces of software are something every digital marketer should have, for they are the latest technology and the best in their spheres of business.

    There are many more great tools and software on the market, yet these 7 have an established reputation. Stick with something familiar or try out something new- the choice is yours.

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    Oscar Waterworth is a writer and a tech enthusiast from Sydney, he is the author at technivorz.com he enjoys trying out new pieces of software and hardware as well as keeping track of the latest developments in the tech world. He enjoys reading, playing with his kids and listening to music. Connect with him on Facebook and Twitter

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