Best Jumia Mobile Week Deals/Offers in Phones and Tablets (day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5, day 6 and day 7)

The much anticipated offer, Jumia Mobile Week 2016 is now going live on the best Nigerian shopping mall, JUMIA. I visited jumia shop some minutes ago and found many awesome deals on android phones and smart tablets. For that reason, i wanted to share with you my readers about all these cool discounts going LIVE on Jumia today.

jumia mobile week
Jumia Mobile Week 2016

The Jumia mobile week 2016 will last for seven good days - offering cool gadgets to Nigerians and Kenya. This is a great opportunity for you to buy your dream android phone. Today is the day 1 of the jumia mobile week, as such, there are cool offers on android phones like Infinix, Tecno, Lenovo, Samsung and other mobile phones.


Last year, when Jumia celebrated their jumia mobile week megathon, i  bought a phone at the best deal so far - 60%. That is, android phone that supposed to be 60,000 naira was sold at 36,000 naira. Isn't that a cool deal from Jumia??

buy phones on jumia mobile week

This year's jumia mobile week will not be an exception because I've made my list of purchase. I love this season of discount for these reasons below;

  • Jumia mobile week is a period to buy new and strong android phones from popular brands
  • Jumia mobile week is a season to turn into big boy by using big tablets gotten at cheaper rate
  • Jumia mobile week is one of the best mobile shopping season in Nigeria
  • Jumia mobile week is a time to make money from your friends - i will show you how in my next post. You can request for a quick guide from my facebook profile page at Joseph Ybholy.

jumia mobile week offers


I gathered some best deals from the jumia store for you. As a promise to make this mobile week a must for you to purchase a mobile phone, check all the best deals on mobile week below;

The discount is of a great value, imagine buying Infinix Note 2 at #36,000 instead of #45,000? - Check Offer Here.

There are varieties of smartphones launched on Jumia mobile week this year. I will still need to update all the mobile devices on my next post. All the same, I will give you a small glance on all the phones launched on this year's jumia mobile week.

I can't get my eyes off on some of the popular brands that offers many phones at real cheaper rates. You can make more than 100K on this event alone when you buy these cheap phones and resell to your friends or shop owners that are not aware of this deal going on. That's how some of my friends made whooping cash on last year's jumia mobile week megathon.



Infinix mobile launched all their latest smartphones on this jumia mobile week. Where are those Infinix fans? Where are those craving to buy Infinix note or the most awesome Infinix Zero 3? This is your best time to save more on any of these phones. You can get up to 30% Discount on Infinix smartphones.

Innjoo is not an exception in this big event; they flashed all their smartphones on front store with cool and amazing discounts. You cant't escape this wonderful discounts and deals. Imagine having up to 40% discounts on each phones.


Imagine having the awesome Tecno Droid 7C Pro at just 26,000? Can this be real? Ya! it's going live now on Jumia mobile week today and will also last for more six days. That's till 6th june. Don't fail to grab at least one deal from this year's mobile week.

Lest i forget, Tecno Camon C8 is going on sale now at just 35,000 instead of 44,000 normal price. You can catch this offer now. Grab Offer Here!

There are other cool Tecno deals on the shop now. I grabbed this offer in the morning and it's still live on sale - i bought the Tecno DroidPad 8D at 41,000. Guess what, the price is now going down. Grab offer here!


You can also grab cool deals on Samsung smartphones on this on-going Jumia mobile week 2016. The lover's of samsung is now picking their choice. Why not join them and enjoy great discounts on all top Samsung phones - Galaxy and Tablets deals? Get Discount on Jumia.

You can get Galaxy Ace 4 Neo at cheaper rate below 20k instead of the normal 25,000 by following this link-  Samsung Deal. Nevertheless, I will be updating all cool samsung mobiles going on sales on my next post.

The lovers of slim mobile will find this deal awesome. The trending mobile brand in Nigeria is also featured on this Jumia mobile week 2016. They showcased all their smartphones at a whooping discounts. Imagine buying Lenovo A2010 at 16k instead of 25,000? What a great offer for those who really cares!

Other SmartPhones Featured on Jumia Mobile Week Offers:

There are other growing and popular brands that were featured on this event. Their discounts and offers are really great. Some cool brands like:

Some brands offers higher discounts why some offers just little discounts on their smartphones. The best option is to go for cool and higher discounts offered by your best brands. Check Best Discounts on Jumia Here. This will help you to make the right choice.

Final words:
Which product are you willing to buy today or next? What's your dream mobile smartphone that you wished to buy on this jumia mobile week? What happens when you are not with the complete cash to purchase any phone? Don't worry, invite your friends on this site by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and all your Facebook Groups and I will send the best discounts privately to your mailbox with purchase link.

You really need to make a purchase on any cool deal you find; please be kind and share this post to others. Remember, use the comment box below to drop the names of phones you bought or the names of phones you wished to buy so soon. For a private message on best discounts, drop your email address below. Have a nice day.

Infinix X521 Smartphone Features Fingerprint Sensor and 13MP Camera - Check It out

According to some leaked images by Adebayooye, infinix might be launching a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner and a full metal design, sleek design with a full metal body.

We have yet no say of what the device will be called, if it will fall in the Hot, Note or Zero series. Looking at the leaked image you can see the fingerprint scanner and the full metal build spotted in the images, this will be the first from infinix mobile.

Other information we could cover from Infinix X521 includes a 13MP auto focus camera which features a dual LED flash. 

There will be lapses if Infinix let’s this device out of box with anything lesser than the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. A 3GB RAM is also expected to come along with this device.

More specifications coming

Tecno To Launch The Camon C9 With 13AMP Dual Selfie Camera and Fingerprint Sensor

While infinix keep launching new smartphones, Tecno is not left behind at all. This two companies are into it this time around in the aspect of producing good quality smartphone.

The Tecno Camon C9 is expected to be launched in June with specs that may keep you mute over Camon C8 despite the phone flooded the mobile market after its launch last year as it secured good grade in the mobile market contest.

The Camon C9, has been rumored all about will feature a whooping dual 13MP selfie camera paired with dual soft flash and features a wider angle selfie shooter which allows users to capture more people in a single picture and it will also have 13MP back camera.


The Tecno C9 is expected to be running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS out of the box and laced with Tecno’s UI – Hos

Talking about the battery, Camon C9 is expected to have a minimum of 5050mAh. 

Further more, going by the leaked images of the Camon C9 already circulating online, the report on the Camon C9 sporting a rotating camera may have to be absorbed with a pinch of salt. We don't have any idea about what that means.

More specifications we come later, has soon as we lay our hands on the device.

Image credit :Techsng

NetGear Router Login IP Address

Routers are becoming one of the most indispensable and affordable networking equipments within in the households and the small offices. Now, the routers are offered with the most interesting advanced technologies. In fact, they have designed to provide the best network usages. 

So, you need to choose the right one for availing the best benefits. The routers are offered in the variety of brands and each of them has different notification and therefore you need to choose the right one for availing
the benefits.

In that manner, NetGear is one of the products that are available in the market and they can provide you the best performance in networking. In this article, you will see about the functions and features of the NetGear router in the most effective manner. Default IP address of the NetGear Router People who have bought the NetGear router should definitely know the Login IP address in the most effective manner. 

Generally, the router manufacturers have used a specific IP address to their router device as the default gateway. So, you can avail this default IP address when you have
purchased the router. Later, you can change it for your purpose. As the
same manner, the NetGear is one of the routers that are also having the IP
address as its default gateway. So, you need to know it for further actions
to make in the networking. Furthermore, you can change this address later for your purpose.

In fact, this default IP address can enable you to access the administrative functions easily when you have set up the router for the first time. So, it is highly important to know this IP address for this

As the way, the default IP address of the NetGear router is and
this is the private address and so it can only be used locally. However,
the NetGear router can obtain the other public address when it is connected
to the internet.

As the administrator of the router, you can able to change this default IP
address at the time of the setting up or anytime later. However, altering
this router’s default IP address is a mandatory thing to avoid the
conflicts in the IP address of the internet or the modem. However, it can
be gained when you have search through the internet about the IP address
for the NetGear router.

Ways to find the default IP address of your network

In some cases, you may not find the IP address of your NetGear router and
so you have to find any other techniques to find that thing. However, it
can be gained through the easiest way.

 For this purpose, you have to follow
the below mentioned tips.

- Initially, you need to open the command prompt in your system through
the Run dialogue box by providing CMD or the Command Prompt.

- It will show the black screen of the Command Prompt. There you need to
provide IPCONFIG through your keyboard.

- After that, you need to press the enter key. This will show the entire
information about the router you have used for the network.

- There, you can see the IP address of your router and so you can take
them in the most effective manner.

Apart from the IP address, this IPCONFIG also provides some other details
about the router and the network like as name of the network, username and
password and more. So, you can easily get them through this method.

How to customize your network settings?

Once you have gained the IP address of your NetGear router, you can use it
for customizing the network settings. For this purpose, you can try these
following steps.

- First and foremost thing you have to do is to open the web browser
that is already installed on your computer.

- IF you have opened the browser, you need to type the IP address on the
address bar as .

 In fact, one of the most important
things you have to note down is 192.168.o.1.1 is the wrong one and
the correct way to mention the IP address is So, you need to
be very careful while providing the IP address on the address bar.

- Once you have typed the correct IP address, it will redirect to the
Login screen. There, you will need to provide the username and the password
for accessing the network.

- However, the username and password can easily be obtained by referring
the manual that is provided at the time of purchasing your router.

- You have to provide the right username and password for your network
to access. If you have correctly provided it, you will be redirected to the
network settings page.

 In this page, you can change the settings of your
network in the most effective manner.

Author bio

Hi , My name is Masha and I am is passionate about technology, internet
marketing and I am writer who writes on computer technology questions like
router settings, computer security, ip address and many more questions
about computer problems.

How to Make Money From Jumia Affiliate Program

Making money online is everone's wish - You can make as much as possible each day or month. You can make moneyy to pay your bills and put food on the table. Jumia Affiliate program is the best choice to you.

Are you aware of this program that has turned many Nigerians into millionaires and thousands of naira richer? Have you enrolled into the money-making program or still looking for manner from heaven to join others? If you are not involved yet - this is the best time for you to enroll into the marketing program.

Here is the 6 Ways to Make Money From Jumia Affiliate Program:

1. Focus on building traffic: More traffic means more eyeballs and therefore more people who will potentially buy the product(s) you promote.

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2, Promote products you are already using:  If you are tech blogger, what is your favourite mobile phone? Write a post about it!
3. Promote wisely:  Promote products you can genuinely recommend to others because you have used it yourself.

4. Choose products that help your reader solve a problem: These are excellent products to promote as readers are often open to spending money on them.

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5: Promote products within a post, not just in your sidebar: Include your personal experience with the product. Your own photos or videos of yourself using the products are always helpful.

6. Make sure you attach your affiliate link to images:  Ensure when you promote your product in a post, the image is well linked i.e. drives the website visitor to the product page.

 Final words:
This is just a simple post on how to increase your Jumia affiliate program income in less than one month! Try it and drop your suggestions and thoughts in the comment box below.

How To Get Up To 5GB Data For N1000 On MTN Nigeria

Hello,  another Package from MTN, I am almost getting tired of this telecommunication companies data competition sha.

MTN recently launched a night plan offering 500MB for N25. While that was/is a good bargain, some people are just not comfortable with the fact that the plan isn’t renewable immediately. MTN understands this and has decided to provide more options.

MTN has rolled out other packages for the night period again. Although glo started with the N200 for 1GB plan, MTN is offering the same (even better) and the validity period differs.

These are the night plans MTN is currently offering:

1GB for N200
2.5GB for N500
5GB for N1000.

How To Subscribe?

Simply dial *198# and reply with 2 then select 8. 


50% Off Steady Income WordPress Theme Review

Steady Income WordPress Theme From Mythemeshop

Are you new into blogging and in need of an awesome WordPress theme that can double your income and give you more exposure? Have you been in blogging and wish to maximize your blogging income? Steady Income WordPress theme from the world number one theme maker is the answer to you.

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In this theme review post, i will explain everything about:
  • The Introdution of Steady Income WordPress theme
  • Reasons to Use Steady Income WordPress theme
  • Features of Steady Income WordPress theme
  • Price of Steady Income theme and where to purchase the theme

steady income wordpress theme

The Introdution of Steady Income WordPress theme
 Steady Income WordPress theme is an SEO optimized theme that is good for personal blog, business website or a magazine blog. It's a new theme specially made for proffessional bloggers who want too make more money online.

Steady Income WordPress theme is a flexible theme that is responsive - it makes your website/blog easy for visitors to browse on any type or screen size. It's the best SEO theme I've ever used for my clients.

Reasons to Use Steady Income WordPress theme
Steady Income theme helps in making your brand name popular to the public with the in-built branding features. It's a theme made for entrepreneurs, online marketers, bloggers and personal blog owners. If you are still thinking of the best theme to use for that your business, this budget-friendly theme is the right choice for you.

Also read: How to Recover Banned Google Adsense Account

Steady Income theme is made with a cool scrolling interface that makes it stand out and increases your CTR. It has in-builth slider feature that makes your featured posts move in an amazing way at homepage. Adding your brand logo is also easy from the Mythemeshop easy customization panel right inside your wordpress dashboard.

Features of Steady Income WordPress theme
 1. Responsive
steady income theme responsive

Mythemeshop knows how important it is to a blogger or online business to have a responsive website - that's why they made steady income theme to be mobile responsive, PC view responsive and highly responsive on tablets and all android devices. It helps to increase your CTR and increase your Adsense earnings under a month.

2. Adsense Optimized
steady income adsense optimized

If your blog theme is not adsense optiimized, and you are using Google adsense as a means of monetization - you are just playing online. One feature that is not in your theme can hinder you from making more money online but when you have a theme with these features - you can maximize your onliine income by 50%.

Other features of Steady Income WordPress theme includes:
  • Launch yourself as a brand to the world
  • Engaging design to increase your visitors by 80%
  • Higher subscription rate for list building
  • Wp Subscribe Pro compatible
  • Schema integrated
  • Speed Optimized
  • WP Mega Menu compatible
  • Optimized for readability
  • Parallax Scrolling
  • SEO mastered
  • 519 font Awesome icons
  • Social Media Buttons integrated
  • Amazing Option Panel
  • Shortcodes included
  • Author box Added
  • Breadcrumbs for easy navigation
  • Built-in Ratings...and many more!

As at the time of writing this review, steady income theme has over 203 awesome reviews from trusted online marketers and bloggers in mythemeshop community.

Buy Theme From Mythemeshop

Final words:
Guess what? Steady income wordpress theme is the best theme and most poopular theme used by onliine marketers and business site owners to increase their brand popularity in the globe today. Use the link above to get the steady income theme with 50% discount only for you. Have a nice day!

Most Expensive Products on Amazon 2016 - Costly Products Indeed

We all know Amazon as the best market place online offering varieties of products on many categories. making a purchase on Amazon and getting it shipped to your destination is easy but not all products are budget-friendly. They are some list of most expensive products on Amazon - you can'tt put your hands on these products because they're TOO costly.

most expensive products on amazon

Actuallyy, as an affiliate marketer - you need to know all these products in order to push in some big bucks into your account. Imagine collecting 4% to 8% on such high priced products times how many items you sold. That's big amount of cash for a beginner or pro like you.

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If you are scrolling on social media handles, you will see some guys asking about the most expensive things on amazon like;
  • most expensive amazon watch
  • most expensive amazon book
  • most expensive amazon tv
  • most expensive amazon app

Today, i will give you the list of most expensive amazon purchases to bear in mind. If you are crying that the economy pf your country is bad - always remember that some people buys these expensive products on wekkly


1. FREAKS 1932 MOVIE POSTER - $850,000

This incredibly rare piece of horror movie memorabilia. It's said to be the only known one of it's kind. The 27 inch by 41 inch print comes shrink wrapped and will be shipped free of charge. Check it out.

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2. 1932 'Old Dark House' Movie Poster - $750,000

Apparently, collecting rare horror movie promotional prints is a very expensive hobby this days. Only two of this particular poster for the Boris Karloff classic are known to still exist, and this one is said to be in far better condition than the other. And kinda cheaper than the other one.

3. 1907 Indian $10 Ten Dollar - $624,000

$624,000. Its authenticity has been certified, and the quality has been designated as being very high. Plus, it ships for free.


Prior to the 1913 publication of the book 'Dodge City, The Cowboy Capital', author Robert M. Write sent these pages to the former Dodge City deputy for review. Masterson made a few corrections and signed the draft with his full name, which he very seldom did.

5. 1937 O-Pee-Chee Baseball Set - $318,184.99


If the collection's generous size isn't enough to urge you to hit the 'buy' button, perhaps the discount being offered will. The current price reflects a reduction of $17,500.01.

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6. Lladro Niagara Chandelier 2 Metres  - $120,000


Handmade of fine porcelain, each sculptural piece undergoes intense scrutiny to ensure it meets the company's exacting standards. The objects proving unworthy of the Lladro name are destroyed.

7. Mickey Mantle Autographed Set  - $90,909


This autographed grouping of 4 includes one that shows the legendary player swinging and presumably hitting as it's captioned, 'Going, Going, Gone.'

8. Neil Armstrong Hairdressing Scissors & Comb  - $36,641


9. 16" 18" 20" inches 100% Virgin Brazilian Natural Straight Human Hair Weave Extension Unprocessed 3 pack Bundle Black  - $24,858


The last thing anybody needs after going through the time and expense of having their locks enhanced is a cheap looking 'do. These tresses are promised to come from a single donor who refrained from chemical hair processes of any kind.

Which of these most expensive list of products in Amazon have you bought? Use the comment box to answer please. If "NONE" - try purchasing one today!

 Final words:
Here are the list of most things I found on Amazon so far. If by any means you find any other ones - do share with us on the comment nox below.

Tips: to check for expensive products on Amazon, kindly browse on any category and swipe the price ranges on amazon from lowest to highest - you sure gonna see most expensive items in each category on amazon.

How to Hide Alexa Widget/Make Alexa Rank Invisible

Many bloggers always like to display their blog rank using the official alexa rank widget. But few bloggers like making the alexa rank widget invisble or hidden on their blogs. It can be added within a twinkle of an eye to a blog whether on wordpress or on blogspot platform.

hide alexa rank widget on blogger

You can hide alexa rank widget on your blog but what's the essence of adding the code if you can't show it to your readers. They are no proof that it increases your rank when hidden or invisible. But many bloggers believe it works like this.

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Alexa rank widget is used to determine how popular a blog/website is in the world. Alexa rank widget can also be used in SEO aspects to determine the backlinks to a blog/website. Nevertheless, it also helps to check the ranking keywords of your blog and its percentage of appearance.

All the same, Alaxe widget is not the best tool to check website ranking because of its  factors of ranking but it's one of the oldest tool used in ranking websites and owned by Amazon.(company found in 1996)

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How to Add Alexa Invisible Widget:

To add the invisible alexa rank widget, go to Blogger >> Layout >> Add Widget >> HTML/JavaScript and add/paste this code below;

 <a style="opacity: 0;" target="_blank" href=""><script type='text/javascript' src=''></script></a>
Note: Change to your blog/website url 2 times.

Save the widget and save the arrangement. It's done. Refresh your website to confirm it's hidden.

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Final words:
 This is the easiest way to make alexa widget invisible on blogs. Many bloggers crave to have a good alexa rank, I will show you how to bring down your alexa rank with some easy trciks on my next post. Kindly sunscribe to my feed below.

Hope it works for you. Use the comment box below to add your suggestions and thoughts over this topic.

How to Get Google Adsense Account After Being Banned

How to recover your adsense account or get back your adsense account after ban or hack

How to get an adsense account after being banned

Google Adsense is one of the best advertising platform for bloggers and other online business groups. It can be gotten without much stress. To have it on one's blog/website is like a grace as it's stringent to get in some developing countries like Nigeria. Many people use the Google Adsense case as a medium to scam other people online. You can see it on forums and on social medias bearing the inscription "adsense account for sale" her and there. All the same, it's easy to get Google Adsense account in some developed countries of the world like USA, Canada or Russia with a young blog.

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The hope of making money with Google Adsense Gone?
Many people has lost the hope of making money from their blog/website after loosing adsense. Ya! it pains to get your google adsense account banned when you know you did not violate any of the google adsense terms of service. Some newbies into the world of blogging usually kill their google adsense account by themselves at the long run of making huge money with google adsense.

how to get adsense account reinstated

 Most at times, they are faced with bad strike messages from google stating "Google Adsense Account Disabled" . In most case, google tend to ban adsense accounts because of invalid activities on the account. It may result from over-clicking on the ads unit by visitors or by haters to get your adsense banned for invalid clicks. Mind you, google pays high engineers to manage the adsense service on daily basis to check those that goes beyond the official google adsense policies. So, doon't try to play prank with google adsense any more.

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Google Adsense Account Disabled How to Enable
There are so many measures to take whenever your adsense account is disabled or banned due to any reason. Below are few things to do first to help you get your adsense account back...

1. Report Your Adsense Account If Hacked:
You could loose your adsense account if a hacker tries to inject harmful codes to it. When a condition like this arises, there are many actions to take in order to report that your adsense account is hacked. But if you notice undue activities on your site, as a blogger, visit google search console to check for malwares.

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If you found any, kindly report it fast to google team using this link - Report to Google. Surely, they will take immediate steps to remove it for you.

2. Remove Ads Code Near Download buttons:
It's advisable not to drop your ads unit code near any download button. It's against Google adsense terms and policy to put it there. Why? because it confuses visitors from the real download button. - Best Classified Ads Website in Nigeria Still Offers Jobs

JiJi.NG - Classified Ads Website and Online Marketplace For Nigerians 

JiJi.NG is the best classifieds ads website to offer buying and selling to the people of Nigeria. is no more a new story for millions of people using it in Nigeria - if you've not been using it to sell your products - you misses out a lot. If you are still in thin whenever you heard the word "classified ads website - i will elaborate the actual meaning to you.

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What is classified ads website?

According to WikiPedia, Classified advertising is a form of advertising which is particularly common in newspapers, online and other periodicals which may be sold or distributed free of charge.

 So, a classified ads website is a wesbite that allows the public to post advertisement for FREE and get buyers to buy the stuffs quickly and safe - JiJi.Ng is not an exception when it comes to top classified ads websites list in Nigeria.

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JiJi.NG gives you the rest of mind to connect with viable sellers to buy cool stuffs online and get it delivered to you before payment. You can use your social media account like facebook to sign up so that you never complain of account loss or mismanagement. I prefer using JiJi.Ng to buy cool phones most times i need second hand products than other clasiifieds ads websites like VConnect, MoboFree, CadaNaija, Locanto, 123Nigeria etc

At JiJi.NG, Sellers can post free ads with pictures, update their ads and get replies from “real” people while buyers can buy anything, call or send messages to sellers and leave a review when the deal has been accomplished - an expert from JiJi said.

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You Can Get Good Job Offers at JiJi.NG Today

As things are getting hard in the economy today, JiJi.Ng is the best alternative to make spending of our money well - you can buy cool mobile phones and tablets, buy vehicles at cheaper rate, buy electronics appliances, buy home are gardening tools, buy health tools and nevertheless, you can see free job offers at that can suite you to pay the bill and put food on your table.

find jobs on

Many youths are unemployed today while they are millions of jobs awaiting them on JiJi.Ng. You can get any job on JiJi.NG according to location posted on the job that suites you.

Now, how do you get a job from JiJi.NG Classified Ads?

You don't need to pay an agent to get you job from JiJi.Ng - you don't need to visit the job board in your local government to get oone - you don't need the highest degree to get a good payable job ; all you have to do is to browse on JiJi.NG JOB category and get one.

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As at the time of writing this post - 5/19/2016 - there's a cool job offer on JiJi that will pay a whooping sum of N300,000 to an experienced medical personnel. If you are a medical student graduate, why not apply and you will never feel the heat of bad economy again. See screenshot below; job to pay n300,000

There are other sjob categories offered on JiJi.Ng which may suite you ranging includes; Accounting and Finance Jobs on jiji, Advertising and Marketing Jobs on jiji, Arts and Entertainment Jobs on jiji, Childcare and Babysitting Jobs on jiji, Clerical and Administrative Jobs on jiji, Computing and IT Jobs on jiji, Construction and Skilled trade Jobs on jiji, Customer Service Jobs on jiji, Driver Jobs on jiji, Engineering and Architecture Jobs on jiji, Teaching Jobs on jiji, Travel and Tourism Jobs on jiji, Technology Jobs on jiji, etc....

Don't miss this: 2016 Jumia Mobile Week Reloaded - 100% Discount on Android Phones and Tablets

The job is not owned by JiJi as JiJi.Ng doesn't sell or offer any job but has users who are willing to pay you and offer you a good job by posting their free ads. JiJi.Ng cares much about their users and makes everything safe for you. Hardly do you see useless posts on JiJi.Ng because they has experts that checks and validate any free ads posted on their platform.

Searches related to classfied ads websites:

  • classified ads website template
  • classified ads website business plan
  • classified ads website builder

Why not move over to JiJi.Ng and shop now. You can also post free ads now and get buyers or job applicants today. To make it real, JiJi.Ng has grown to an active 576,517 ads from the best sellers in Nigeria and receives up to 10 million visitors monthly.

Final words:
Hope you enjoyed this post " - No.1 and Best Classified Website in Nigeria" on this blog today. We are caring for you - helping you make money online is my priority. Rush now to Jiji.NG to get that job that has been waiting for you. Thank me later...

Kindly share this post to others!

Tecno L8 Plus Specs Review & Price In Nigeria

Tecno set to launch a re-modified version of TECNO L8 with name – Tecno L8 Plus. The Tecno L8 Plus offers double the RAM spotted on its predeccessor which translate to better performance with enhanced flexibility for multitasking.

 Other features spotted on the phone remains the same; same display size, mammoth battery pack, camera, internal storage and others.

Price of TECNO L8 Plus in Nigeria {Jumia & Konga}

You can check the current price of this phone using the links below.

Tecno L8 Plus Full Specifications & Features

Body & Display

The Tecno L8 Plus comes in a plastic body with curve edges for easy grip. The device has a dimension of 77.5 x 154 x 8.85 mm.
L8 Plus sports a 5.5-inch IPS display (720 x 1280 pixels) touchscreen raising expectation of great wide viewing angles and enhanced by a 267 ppi density resolution – still decent for a device like this.

Performance & Camera

A MediaTek Quad-Core processor clocking in at 1.3GHz runs the show on the Tecno L8. It offers a pair of 8.0MP rear camera with a led flash and a front facing snapper of just 2.0MP that may be of interest to some new selfie lover.

Storage & Memory Capacity

The smartphone has a built in storage of 16GB which can further be expanded up to 64GB using its microSD card slot. It also crams in 2GB of RAM that is reasonably fair for awesome performance.

Connectivity, Sensor& Others
Connectivity options for the Tecno L8 include 3.5mm audio jack, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, FM, and 3G. Sensors on the phone include Proximity, Accelerometer and Compass sensor. The phablet is accompanied by a large 5050mAh Li-Ion battery with fast charge support and an ultra power-saving mode.

Let’s take a look at the full specs of Tecno L8 Plus.


¶ GSM: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
¶ 3G: HSDPA 900 /1900/ 2100
¶ SIM Type: Micro-SIM (dual SIM, dual standby)
¶ OS: Android 5.1 Lollipop (HiOS)


¶ Dimensions: 77.5 x 154 x 8.85mm
¶ Weight:
¶ Display: 5.5-inch, 720 x 1280 pixels (267 PPI), IPS LCD touchscreen
¶ Sensors: Accelerometer, Proximity and Compass


¶ Processor Type: Quad-core 1.3 GHz
¶ Processor Name: Mediatek
¶ Graphics Processor:
¶ RAM: 1 GB
¶ Internal Storage: 16 GB
¶ External Storage: microSD, up to 64 GB


¶ Rear: 8 MP, 3264 x 2448  pixels, autofocus, LED flash
¶ Video recording: 1080p@30fps
¶ Front-facing: 2 MP


¶ Music Support: AAC, AMR, MP2, MP3, M4A, MKA,
¶ Loudspeaker: Yes
¶ Video Support: MP4/MPEG4/H.263/H.264 player
¶ FM Radio: Yes


¶ Bluetooth: v4.0
¶ WiFi: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, hotspot
¶ GPS: Yes
¶ USB: microUSB v2.0, USB Host/Charging


¶ Battery: 5050 mAh
¶ Launch Date: May, 2016
¶ Availability: –

If you are a fan of the Tecno L smartphones, then falling in love with this device will not be war. With the Tecno L8 Plus brief review shown above, you would notice that the differences between the Tecno L8 Plus or L8 and W4 are not much. However, if you would ask, I rather go for the L8 Plus or L8 because of its HiOS and huge battery. It will be added advantage for me living in a country where electricity is GOLD.

Pricing and availability
Tecno L8 Plus is not yet available in Nigeria. When available, you can buy the phablet at leading online stores in Nigeria. Tecno L8 Plus Price in Nigeria is expected to range from N30,000 to N35,000 depending on your location in the country.

Where to Buy Tecno L8 Plus & Pay On Delivery

This is complete review of TECNO L8 Plus - specifications, price and features in Nigeria. You can drop your opinions on this post via Comment box below.
Things That You Know About Private IP Address Ranges

Things That You Know About Private IP Address Ranges

Author bio

Hi , My name is Masha and I am is passionate about technology, internet
marketing and I am writer who writes on computer technology questions like
router settings, computer security, ip address and many more questions
about computer problems.

When it comes to building or creating the network, then you need to consider some essential things. As the way, the IP address is one of the most effective things that are used to identify the computer or the systems in the network. In fact, the IP address is a sequence of numbers that are separated by the dots and they are used to communicate with each other. As well as, they are also used for sharing the resources in the most effective manner. In this article, you will see about the IP address in the most effective way.

Private IP address ranges

Actually, the IP addresses are available in two different forms and they
are like the IP address and the public IP address.

In fact, the private IP addresses are mostly used on the residential or the
official purposes to increase its security features. Furthermore, it is
also effective to conserve the public addressing space.

An IP address is considered as the private IP address when the number of
the address falls within one of the IP addresses ranges that are reserved
for the private uses by the internet standard groups. As this way, the
private IP addresses may in range from as follows.

- through

- From To

These are the ranges of the private IP address and it is used in the most
of the places like as school, home and business LAN’s like as hotels and

The varieties of private IP address
In that manner, the is one of the private IP addresses that have been set as the default IP address in the broadband routers that are used in the homes. In fact, you can find this address on the routers like Linksys, Netgear, Westell and more. All of these routers have used this address as their default IP for establishing the standard computing environment.

As the same way, the is one of the private IP address and it is
used as the default IP in the Cisco branded networks. Furthermore, this
address may also use in the private network servers. In some cases, this may also be called as the default gateway and it represents the
local side of the router’s connection to the internet. You can get more
details by searching through the internet.


Many business networks will make use of IP address in high range.
The routers with IP address are widespread in the online market.
If you want to choose the router for home, you can select the router with IP address. Most of the people make use of this address for
private internet access. The IP address is a private IPv4 address and most of the internet devices are configured with this address.

Restricted to a single device

Internet protocol (IP) address is highly used by computers in the
recognition and communication process. It is utilized as an identifier for
classifying electronic devices that are linked to a network. Router
manufacturer will make use of IP address for configuring the router. The
usage of private IP address will protect the computer network in a safe
way. The location of private address may vary as per the certain ranges.

Generally, private addresses are non-routable as it restricts the entry
traffic effectively. If you want to link the routers to other networks,
private IP address needs to do a gateway for detecting it. In the present
days, most of the router manufacturers make use of private IP address as
because of its security features. Using the router with private IP address,
you can browser in a protected network without any hassles. Even, you can
suggest the benefits of private IP address to your friends.

- The IP address is restricted only for a single device for securing
address conflicts.

- Private addresses are quite strange as they are utilized for certain
range of networks.

- IP address will not be vulnerable by bad users in any case.

Get rid of address conflicts

If same IP address is used in a single network, users need to face the
hassles of address conflicts. In that case, you want to make sure on your
network about the usage of private address ranges. If you want to change
the default address of the router, you want to contact the network administrator instantly. If you find any problems in router, you can fix it with the use of network experts.

Further, if you have any knowledge on
router and networks, you can fix the issues on your own. People who are
concerned to identify this IP address need to do some simple steps. You
just check the label or else you want to make use of command prompt for
knowing about address. 

Please let us know if you need anything else you want to know via the comments box.  Feel free to share with your friends.