Whatsapp Has Upgraded Their Privacy/security by introducing End-to-End encryption

Whatsapp messenger still stands as one of the most popular messaging application with billions of users thereby making it the most popular social media messaging application.

According to WhatsApp they have decided to take their security serious thereby launching end-to-end encryption technology on the platform. With the new feature, WhatsApp has got more privacy and security than ever before.

Let me explain what end-to-end encryption means, when you update the app to it’s latest version and you send a message using the app, it comes with the end-to-end encryption by default, it makes sure our private messages stays safe without being compromised with or stolen. Not cyber-criminals, hackers, oppressive regimes, not even WhatsApp. The update guarantees more privacy and can be likened to a face to face conversation. 

However, every message you send to the recipient is being encrypted with a unique lock key. In other to get the new feature rolling on your device, you need to update the app to it’s latest version. Android users can do that via playstore while iOS users can do that via the app store.

Interestingly, although WhatsApp has announced that it will soon discontinue supportfor the blackberry OS including Blackberry 10, blackberry 10 users will still get the encryption update, although they may stop others later on. Please it is better you swap to android OS.

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