Mtn Discoutinues free night calls services

Since the Federal government ageny in conjunction with the NUC has issued a fined against mtn, they have been experiencing some challenges and difficulties. As of last month, they stopped one of the cheapest tariff plans which is the MTN true talk+, and this time around, they’ve put a stop to the MTN free night call service.

Before now, users with a minimum of N100 in their airtime balance can engage in free night calls from 12:30AM to 4:30AM but going forward, that has been discontinued. Calls within that period (happy hour) will attract normal charges.

Now the service is no more, it we affect alots of people and also alot of their customers would be looking for great alternatives; some others might even switch to another network. If a way is blocked, there must be another way so GLO is the best way now, GLO GBAM+ plan can also serve as an alternative to MTN True talk+ for free night calls. This is really change indeed. Lol

Airtel Launch 4.5gb data plan for #2000 for all device

Airtel finally re-adjust her a internet plans by introducing a new internet data package that goes for just 2,000 Naira for 4.5GB internet data plan that works on every internet enabled devices. This plan seems to be a better internet package compared to the MTN smartphone plan which offers same 4.5GB at a higher price (N2,500).

How to Subscribe for the Airtel N2,000 for 4.5GB data package?

Make sure you have a minimum balance of #2000 on your mobile phone. Then To opt-in, simply dial *437*1# and N2,000 would be deducted from your airtime immediately.

This plan works on all internet enabled devices and also on every Airtel SIM, whether new or old but i can hear somethings that some sim cards are eligible, yet to confirm that information. Don’t forget to share this information with your family and friends.

How to stop receiving mtn sms adverts.

Hello mytechng fans, mtn adverts has end today on top your mobile phone has tex messages, sometimes you we think you get an alert from bank.

In compliance with NCC, which directed all mobile network providers to provide an opportunity for subscribers to opt out of any service provided. MTN has provided a ussd to opt-out of unwanted text messages. Sometimes they send you messages that are annoying and then sometimes they we just deduct your money and many other things.

How To Opt Out Of MTN SMS Adverts

Dial *123*5*4# 
Press 1 to Opt-out of mobile Ad
Reply with Yes to opt out of advertising 
After the above steps,  You will receive an SMS saying you have successfully opted out of their Mobile Advertising.

I think this is quite impressive and it save you from  getting annoying messages from MTN.