What Is Bricking And How to fix your Bricked MTK Devices (SOFT and HARD).

Bricking is the process of rooting your android phone and installing custom recoveries like CWM or TWRP and something just go wrong after or during rooting.

Now there are two different types of Bricking. The first one is Soft Brick and is not as serious and is easily fixable. The other one known as Hard Brick is far more serious and not all phones can be recovered when this happens.


Soft brick is the state of android device which occur due to some software problems like boot loops or phone freezing at some point during boot. This only occurs if some software problem occurred in the device mainly during OS upgrade or ROM flashing.

 This can be fixed by flashing a custom ROM via recovery or using SPflash Tool. Using SPflash Tool should only be done when you do not have a custom recovery because it is a very risky process and can result in your phone getting hard bricked or a host of other problems when not done well.

How To recover from a Soft Brick

All you have to do is to search for a custom ROM for your device online and download it to your SD card. Then boot into recovery by switching off your device and holding the Volume + button along with the power button (there are different methods for different phones. Google your phone online to check which one works for you) and release when the device comes on. It should take you to your custom recovery.


JUst navigate to system and data reset and select it. On the next screen, navigate to yes and press your power button. This should format your phone. 

Then after your phone has been formatted, scroll to the “install zip from SD card” option. Navigate to the custom rom you downloaded earlier and select it with the power button. On the next screen, navigate to the yes option and select it. Wait until you get a confirmation message. Then power off your device and power it on again. It should now boot into the custom ROM you downloaded.


Just select the “install zip” option. Navigate to where your custom rom is and select it. It will then install the rom. Just power off your device and power it on again. Your phone should now boot into the custom Rom you downloaded.


Hard brick is the state of android device that occurs when your device won’t boot at all i.e. no boot loop,no recovery and also not charging. This occurs due to trying to flashed firmwere not made for your device or flashed incorrectly (note that Fixing a hard bricked device is still not that complicated as far as you have all the tools required.)

Steps for unbrick hard brick:
Download this files:

PDA software for your laptop.
SPFlash Tool.
¶ Your Stock Rom for the device you’re Fixing.

After Downloading all the above requirements and now continue with the procedures

NOTE: to download using a mobile device, you must have the MEGA app installed.

¶ Install the PDA software on your laptop and follow all the prompts to successfully install the drivers on your laptop.
¶ Extract the stock rom of the device you are flashing and locate the Scatter file. (it is normally in the txt format)
¶ Extract the SPFlash tool and locate the exe file. Right click and select “run as administrator”
¶ Choose scatter loading and select the Scatter file from your extracted stock rom.
¶ Select the download only menu and click format all+download.
¶ Tick all files except user data and cache.
¶ Click the download button at the top and immediately connect your phone to your laptop.
¶ You should see a progress bar and a confirmation message if everything goes fine.
¶ Now Unplug your phone and reboot. Your phone is no longer hard bricked.


Rom Manager (for root device)

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