MTN BBLITED is Back and Rocking For May 2016 -- Working Mtn Bblited Code

 MTN BBLITED is Back and Rocking For May 2016 -- Working Mtn Bblited Code

Hurray, MTN bblited is  back and working well. If you've not been rocking this, you are missing a lot. This is the latest update so far as the mtn bblited started working again.

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MTN BBLITED is Back and Rocking For May 2016 -- Working Mtn Bblited Code

You could noticed how this awesome mtn bblited has helped us in the past - streaming and downloading of all movies and application day and night. Suddenly, it stopped - maybe mtn deliberately stopped the bblited plan. But today, i cam,e with a good news that the plan is back and working - mtn bblited is back guys!

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How to subscribe to mtn bblited
- Monthly: Dial *123*3*6*3*7*1# for N1000 for a whole month.

- Weekly: *123*3*6*3*7*2#  for N350 valid for a week.

- Daily: *123*3*6*3*7*3# for N70 valid for 24hrs.

Step to configure your phone using Simple Android Server and any VPN handler ( Psiphon, Pronet, Netify…etc) - for mtn bblited

mtn bblited code 2016 mtn bblited is back mtn bblited 2016

Step 1. Set your APN this way;
- Name: "any name"
- APN:
- APN type: default, wap, ia
Save and that's all, its the Normal IP and 8080port.

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VPN handler settings For MTN  BBlited
- Proxy type: Dual real host
- Custom Header: X-Online-Host:
- Proxy Server:
- Real Proxy Type: HTTP Real Proxy Server:
- Real Proxy Port: 8080
- Choose USA or Best performance
- Connect through HTTP Proxy: Port: 8080..

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This is it. Enjoy and rock your MTN bblited on android and share to PC via hotspot.

Final words:
Hope this post "MTN BBLITED is Back and Rocking For May 2016" worked for you perfectly? We are waiting to hear your comments because it's currently working for me. Have a nice day!
Facebook 2g Tuesday will Definitely slow down internet for Employees

Facebook 2g Tuesday will Definitely slow down internet for Employees

Recently, Facebook has announced an internal initiative called "2G Tuesdays" that will help employees better understand how hard it is to use the social platform on slow Internet connections, like the kind prevalent in India and other emerging markets.

 Announcing the news, Product Manager Chris Marra in a blog post explained the whole idea behind 2G Tuesdays.

"People are coming online at a fast rate in emerging markets. In most cases, they are doing so on mobile via 2G connections. But on a typical 2G network, it can take several minutes to download a webpage.
 That doesn't make for a great experience when sharing content with friends and family. To build for a global audience like ours, we know that we need to design features that work seamlessly even on a 2G network," Marra said.

Under Facebook's 2G Tuesdays, employees will have to use the social platform as well as other related apps such as Messenger on slow Internet connection. Notably, the new initiative has an opt-in option and employees will only have the slow Internet connection for an hour.

"We're taking another step toward better understanding by implementing '2G Tuesdays' for Facebook employees. On Tuesdays employees will get a pop-up that gives them the option to simulate a 2G connection. We hope this will help us understand how people with 2G connectivity use our product, so we can address issues and pain points in future builds," added Marra.

Detailing how the new initiative will work, Tom Alison, Facebook's Director of Engineering, told Business Insider, "For that next hour, their experience on Facebook will be very much like the experience that millions of people around the world have on Facebook on a 2G connection. They're going to see the places that we need to improve our product, but they're also going to see the places where we have made a lot of progress."

Facebook back in June had rolled out a new Android app called Facebook Lite, which was available in countries across Asia and was also planned to roll out in parts of Latin America, Africa and Europe.

Drop your comments please. Thanks for reading.

INFINIX BIG 6 - A Powerful Big smartphone Launching This 27th of November

The launch Date of newest Next flagship from Infinix Mobility has been announced. The Launch Date will be on 27th of November and is precisely going to be their last model this Year.
The date seem to have coincided with Black Friday 2015 which makes it really special.

Infinix Mobility decided to tag this one as #InfinixBig6 , just as they usually do with previous models like Infinix Zero 2 being tagged as #TheNextHero.
This means you can use the Hash tag #InfinixBig6 when posting or asking anything about the upcoming smartphone on Social Media.

What is the Infinix Big 6?
If you guessed correctly, Yes, the Infinix Big 6 will likely be Infinix Hot NOTE 2, this actually was this same device we leaked some weeks ago in this post, where we at MYTECHNG were among the first to Test the device. We gathered more leaked photos for you this time around, Mr. Benjamin Jiang, Chief Executive Officer of Infinix Mobility shared the images.

The Hot Note 2 will be a predecessor of the Infinix Hot Note, but this time around Hot NOTE 2 is coming with many better features and beautiful design.


We have no idea about the price for now but Like we said in this post, expect to see:
Better Camera
Beautiful Appearance (especially in the front)
New incredible size (around 5.7- 6 inches)
Strong lasting Battery with Fast charge feature
Great Processor and Memory capacity in its RAM and ROM.

Remember, we've gotten our hands-on and played with this device before, so stick around and Keep calm with all the rumors you've heard else where, because in few days from now, you will be the first to get First hand Info about venue of the Launch event and real Specifications of the upcoming Hot Note 2 that will be launching this 27th of November 2015.

How to Secure Your Facebook Account for 100% - 2015

Hello everyone, Today  is back with a great post about How to secure your Facebook Account for 100%. I bet, if you follow all the below steps for how to secure facebook account, then no one can hack your facebook account.

I always use to tell my personal quote to my friends,
" Dont blame the Hacker who hacked your facebook account. Instead, Blame your innocence for getting hacked " 
Yes, its true. A hacker can only hack your facebook account if you are a innocent guy. If you have a basic idea about what is hacking and if you follow all the security tips for your account then you will  always be secured. Well, Coming to the topic,

Steps for Securing Facebook Account :
1. Update Password :

The Primary step of how to secure your facebook account is Updating your password for every 1-2 weeksNever keep your facebook password in a easy predicatble way which can be guessed by your surrounding people like keeping your nickname or birthdate or your Girl friend/Boy friend`s name etc. I suggest you to have a strong password of mixed alphabets, numbers, symbols containing more than 10digits like john+1298smith or 1298smith*john

And I also like to share one important tip with you is not to have the same password for your Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo becoz if anyone knows that your facebook password is same as your Mail password he will also login to your gmail/yahoo and reads all your personal emails. 
You must also know that If someone hacks your facebook password and gain access to your account then you can get back your facebook account by using the recovery option which is connected to your Gmail/Yahoo but what if you keep the same password for your Mail account as Fb?
 The hacker will simply change the Mail account password and now you will loose the recovery option as where you will loose your permanent access to your fb account. So thats why I am suggesting you to have a different strong passwords for all of your different accounts.

Facebook - General Account Settings  

2. Email:

One of the important step for how to secure facebook account is Adding Secondary Email ID to your facebook account. This will helps you when your profile is hacked, Fb will send account recovery information to the secondary email ID also. So I suggest everyone to add your secondary email id.
To add secondary email Id to your Facebook account, Click Here.

Adding Secondary Email ID to your facebook account-secure facebook account
So when you add Seconday Email Id, Facebook will ask for Email Confirmation which means you have to to verify the email address by checking the mail at your respective Email Inbox .

3. Connecting your Mobile number to Facebook Account :     
Connecting your personal mobile number to your facebook account
really helps a lot to secure your facebook acount like when anyone hacks your fb account, you will be able to recover your lost account 
by mobile easily or if your facebook account was tempararirly locked you can gain access to it by confirming it with your connected mobile number.
So I suggest everyone to connect their mobile no to their fb account. To connect Click Here 
Follow all the steps there by providing country name, carrier and verify your mobile number.

Note: You must notice that for each facebook account, A unique mobile no must be provided which means no two Fb accounts can have a same mobile no.

  Facebook - Security Settings
4. Secure Browsing :

This plays a crucial role to secure facebook account. Make sure that the secure browsing is always enabled in your facebook acount. If not, Click Here to enable secure browsing for your facebook account.

By enabling this secure browsing, you will be browsing your facebook account in a secure connection [https] which helps you to keep your account safe from spammers, viruses and hackers.

5. Login Notifications :   
Login notifications will helps you to get notified when someone else is trying to access your account. It means when anyone is trying to access your fb account from a computer or mobile that you haven`t used before then facebook will notify you by sending a message to your Email inbox , Mobile inbox.
So to Enable Login notifications to your facebook account, Click Here. 

 Enable both Email and Text message option so that whenever you are away from Computer you will be notified by your mobile atleast.

Code Generator :

You can use this Code Generator in your facebook mobile app to reset your password or to generate Login Approvals security codes.
You can enable this feature on your  android mobile or iOS.
Code-Generator-Security-Settings-secure facebook account
To enable Code generator on your mobile, follow the instructions  as given in the official help center page of facebook by Clicking Here .

6. Trusted Contacts :

Trusted contacts are friends that can securely help you if you ever have trouble accessing your account. Earlier I wrote a clear post about how to enable trusted contacts to your facebook account to get secured and how it will help you to get access to your facebook account when you lost your facebook account. So I recommend you to please check this post,

Trusted-Contacts-Security-Settings-secure facebook-account
Also have a look at the below new security features for your facebook account,

7. Trusted Browsers :

By this Trusted browsers feature, You can check which browsers you saved as ones you often use.

One thing I should remind you here is facebook asks you to Save Browser when you login. So always save the browser of which you often use in either your home or any trusted place. Why I`m telling you this is because when any suspicious activity is found or any hacker trying to access your account from somewhere else, Facebook will make your account to get Temporarily locked. So now facebook will ask the owner of that particular account to get logged in from the previous browser which you often use. It means your Trusted browser will helps you to unlock your facebook account at that time.

8. Where You're Logged In :

The feature Where You're Logged In  helps you to review and manage where you're currently logged into facebook. It shows two  sessions - Current Session and Last Accessed Session.

This feature helps a lot. When our account gets hacked and If we want to know the location from which our fb account was last accessed, you can check it by this feature Where You're Logged In .
You can also get the Estimated Ip address of that hacker by placing the mouse over Location as I shown in the above picture.

All the above steps will protect you for a major extent but you should be careful from hackers who trolls you by phishing pages, keyloggers. You should be careful and never click any suspicious links. Just spend some time over Google,Youtube by seacrching about how phishing , keyloggers works and how to stay safe from them.

Some more Personal Tips for you to Secure facebook Account :

  1. Never give out your login info to any other Third party sites, Sometimes some people or pages will promise you something like free facebook likes , free followers , free poker chips etc etc. These types of deals are carried out by hackers. so you must  stay away from them. If you're ever asked to re-enter your  password on Facebook (ex: you're making changes to your account settings) check to make sure the address of the page still has in the URL.                                     
  2. Think before you click on any link. Never click suspicious links, even if they come from a friend or a company you know. This includes links sent on Facebook (ex: in a chat or post) or in emails. If one of your friends clicks on spam they could accidentally send you that spam or tag you in a spammy post. You also shouldn't download things (ex: a .exe file) if you aren’t sure what they are. Learn more about recognizing suspicious emails by Clicking Here.
  3. Log in at only. Sometimes scammers will set up a fake page to look like a Facebook login page [Phishing], hoping to get you to enter your email address and password. Make sure that you check the page's URL (web address) before you enter your login info. When in doubt, you can always type into your browser to get back to the real Facebook.
  4. Update your browser always. The newest versions of internet browsers have built in security protections. For example, they might be able to warn you if you're about to go to a suspected phishing site. 
  5. Run good anti-virus software to protect yourself from viruses and malware. 
I hope this post will be helpful for you to gain some good knowledge over facebook. If you have any doubts or any issues regarding how to secure facebook account then please leave your questions in the below comment box or if you have any personal questions, you can message me to our Facebook Page - Naijatechspot.

Best 5 Free Casino Slot Games for Android

If you like playing casino slot games on your Android phone or tablet,then you may need to choose the fun and attractive slot games from Google Play. And for the convenience, I have collected the best free Android casino slot games that come with exciting features and attractive bonuses,and you will get great game experience from them.

1.SlotWiz - free casino slots 

SlotWiz - free Android casino slots game

SlotWiz is a Vegas style slot machine game that you can get immersed in the game. Along with the stunning graphic and awesome sound effects,SlotWiz lets you spin to gain the coins and experience points to get to the next level and unlock new games if your experience points are enough.The amazing thing about the game is you will get different surprise when you spin and spin. For me now, I have found the free spins which won't cost your coins when spinning,the big win notification if the coins you wined is four times of your cost,and more.

SlotWiz also offers the great fun themes for you when spins and different kinds of the icons and background just let you in an awesome feel.

2.Slot City – Free Casino Slots
Slot City_free Android casino slots game

It was developed by Dragonplay, which is the latest Vegas style casino app where you can play exciting video slots at anytime and anywhere. You must earn free chips and bonuses when you are moving up the experience level or compete with Facebook friends and enjoy pure fun and entertainment for several hours.

The app comes with a simple interface so that you can start playing the game in few seconds. If you want more coins then you can buy more with safe in app purchase.

3.Slots Social Casino
Slots Social Casino

Players can access real Las Vegas Style 3D Casino games. It is the best social casino with poker games and slots from real casinos in the United States. Social casino games are of best quality and can be available for free.

It is the first 3D HD casino slot machines worldwide for all the android users. You can enjoy 3D Actions of Pre-action, Reach-action as well as Win-action. You can connect with Facebook or friends or reach out and connect with other players from all over the world.

4.Slot Casino – Slot Machines
Slot Casino – Slot Machines

Slots Casino allows you to spin reels on very own set of virtual casino slot machines to win coins and hit jackpot. Keep coins pile growing by hitting hot jackpots, playing in super-fun bonus games and getting indulge in bonus wheel spin on hourly basis.

You can get Las Vegas excitement into your palm of your hand by playing this game. You can unlock the greatest Slot Machine with amazing themes.

5.Jackpot Slots – Slot Machines

Win tons of coins, you can become a high roller with the help of Jackpot Slots. You will never get bored if you explore these machines. You can get the most realistic Vegas slot experience on Android.

Gamers will have fun playing experience forever with free coins with top quality graphics and themes. One can access tons of slot machines and the latest ones are added on regular basis.

The app features best quality of art and different themes. It is an attractive and highest paying bonus games on Android. You can win coins together by playing along with your friends.

India to have 9 crore 4G subscribers by 2018

India is expected to have 9 crore 4G subscribers and 18 crore 4G smartphones by 2018 and Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Idea Cellular will gain from this growth if Reliance Jio Infocomm delays the launch of its 4G services, says a report by Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofA ML).

“We expect 4G smartphone base to jump from 5 million in FY 2015 to 180 million (18 crores) by FY 2018, leading to 4G subscribers accelerating from almost zero in FY 2016 to 90 million (9 crores) by FY 2018,” a report by BoFA ML research analysts Sachin Salgaonkar, Karan Parmanandka and Simon Dong-je Woo said.
In next few years, there will be marginal difference between 3G and 4G tariffs as well as there will be decline in smartphone prices that may lead 2G subscribers leapfrog to 4G services and skip 3G, analysts expect.
“We expect 4G net adds to be faster than 3G net adds by FY 2019 and estimate 3G subscribers to be largely restricted in areas where 4G coverage is limited.
“However, we do expect 3G subscribers uptake to be strong for the next couple of years, at least, as 3G coverage would likely be better than 4G coverage,” the report said.
The analysts said that the big three players – Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Idea Cellular – will gain if Reliance Jio Infocomm commercial 4G service launch is delayed. “With all the big 3 telcos expected to have rolled out 4G selectively in key urban areas before March, 2016 we expect their top-end (high usage) consumers to migrate to 4G.
“This, in our view, will make it difficult for Jio to poach these subscribers as the company would need to focus on offering a differentiated service,” it added. As per last update from Reliance Jio, the company has not changed its position to launch its service in December as committed by chairman Mukesh Ambani.
Analysts said 4G tariffs are expected to come down with the launch of Reliance Jio 4G services but they do not see lower pricing strategy to be a sustainable offering by Jio to poach the subscribers.
“We note that top 5 percent customers (mainly post-paid) of the big 3 telcos contribute to 15 percent of their revenues. These customers are unlikely to switch to Jio given the comfort these customers have with their existing operators and general laziness to switch unless there is a very compelling proposition,” the report said.
It, however, estimates Reliance Jio to be market leader in terms of 4G subscriber base from 2017 onwards till 2025, followed by Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Idea Cellular.
Bharti Airtel has commercially launched 4G service in 296 cities with 35,000 base-stations and 4G tariffs at 3G prices. Vodafone has announced to launch 4G commercial service in some cities by December and Idea in 10 circles by June.
“The company (Jio) is looking for 4G phones to be priced between Rs. 4,000-25,000. Jio would need a 5 band phone which works on 900, 2100 bands along with 800, 1800 and 2300 for seamless connectivity,” the report added.

How to Suggest All Facebook Friends In One Click 2014

Hello fans, Today we are sharing with you something new which is How to Suggest All Facebook Friends In One Click also full working trick. Facebook is most popular social site which give a best path to connect more than five thousand friends, Its great social site here we can add high amount of fans, This social site people using for tow propose first is making fans and second for there business pages, So people searching How to Increase Facebook Friends fast and also best way to increase Facebook page likes. Here i am giving you a something different way for increase you fb fans.

Increase Facebook Friends by Suggest to Another many Account

If you need more fans for your business or if you wanna more likes for your text update or your photo update than you must need more fans in your fb fans list, If you have more fans it will help to increase you blog traffic and likes,  Using this trick you can suggest you friends for suggestion. Means you can ask to your fans for suggest, Using this may be get more request,

Suggest All Facebook Friends Using One Click 2014

We are sharing with you this method for both most popular browser Google Chrome and Firefox, You can use any of these, Both are working and we tested, In both tutorial are work with some extension Tempermonkey Extension for Google Chrome and Greese Monkey Mozilla Firefox, After this just install related scripts and do it ok follow me.

Suggest All Facebook Friends In One Click in Google Chrome

First Of All You Need Three Things.

If you are using Google Chrome Than Follow This.

Now Open your Google Browser.

Now Install Tempermonkey Extension.

Now install this Autosuggest Scrip.

Suggest All Facebook Friends In One Click 2014 image picture

Restart Browser and Login you Facebook  account.

Now Go any friends Timeline and Click on Timeline > Suggestion
How to Suggest All Facebook Friends In One Click 2014 image photo

Just search all friends and click on Tempermonkey Extension. and done.

Suggest All Facebook Friends In One Click in Google Chrome

If you are using Mozilla Firefox than follow us.

First you must open you Mozilla Firefox.

Now simply open install Greese Monkey Extension.

Now just install Autosuggest Scrip.

Now Restart your Browser and login your fb account.

Now Go any friends Timeline and Click on Timeline > Suggestion

Final words

We wanna inform you that these all scripts and codes are updated time to time, May be some day after it will not work, We will trying to update it time to time but please if these both method are not working than please comment below for inform us, We will cure that. If you know something new latest codes you can suggest us, Thanks for visit

Free Download Halloween Wallpapers for Android 2015

Halloween is just around the corner, have you already got your spooky way for the holiday? You may play trick-or-treating, get your Halloween costumes designed to freak out your friends,attend the parties and more. Of course,it is also the time to turn the pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, and it is the time to set the Halloween wallpaper as your Android smartphone's desktop to get atmosphere of Halloween in advance. Following I will introduce the Free HD Halloween Wallpapers for Android in 2015.

Free Download HD Halloween Wallpapers for Android(1280*720)
Free Download HD Halloween Android Wallpaper

Free Download HD Halloween Android Wallpaper

Free Download HD Halloween Android Wallpaper

Free Download HD Halloween Android Wallpaper

Free Download HD Halloween Android Wallpaper
Free Download HD Halloween Android Wallpaper

Free Download HD Halloween Android Wallpaper

Free Download one Halloween wallpaper for your Android smartphone or tablet to have a start for 2015 Halloween!

How to Add Facebook Friends in Google Plus Circles

Hello fans, Today we ar sharing with you a special and most useful tricks which is How to Add Facebook Friends on Google Plus Circles, Yes its amazing, Google plus also a biggest social site, Its also very useful for your website and blog's SEO traffic and also for page rank, Every  developer have Google plus account, Its third biggest social site, Its also give many advance feature of chat and video calling which Facebook enable to give you, So if you like social networking site than you must know about Google plus, I have some tips and tricks of Google plus which can increase your Google Plus Circles very easily, Its working tricjks every where.

How to Add Facebook Friends on Google Plus Circles image photo

Convert Facebook Friends Into Google Plus Circles

If you using Facebook social site, Than you can increase your face book page like and friends also followers very easily, But if you wanna increase Google Plus Circles its so hard. every one wanna increase there circle, But like as Facebook we can't increase this without this simple trick, There is also have some tips using that you can also increase Google plus circle but me sharing with you simple trick for this, Just invite your all Facebook friends on Google plus sure many people will join you,

How to Add Facebook Friends on Google Plus Circle

This is a something new trick many people don;t know about this, But its a working trick of fb, If you do this step by steps you can do it, First you must create a yahoo mail because its must required a yahoo mail. After create yahoo mail just follow us.
  • - First you must Login Your fb and yahoo Account.

  • - Now just import your friends  Facebook to Yahoo.

  • - Just After import this migrate to Google Plus.

  • - Now Go On Google Plus Circle and Choose Import From Yahoo.

  • - Now its done.

How to Import Facebook Friends on yahoo

Actually its also not easy, But it also a step for this tutorial so you need to know how to import facebook friend on yahoo. After this you can do upper method so easily.
  • - First you must create a yahoo account and login.

  • - Now Go Yahoo Account and click on Contacts menu,

  • - Now Click on Import and Choose Import from Facebook.

  • - Now its done enjoy.

Final Words.

This is a simple but not easy method for increase fast Google plus circle, It like Convert Facebook friends into Google plus, If you like this article please comment below fro say thank, If you have ant question about this tutorial please comment below we will sure help you, Please like and share this article with your friends,

How to Add Facebook Like Box into Blogger Blog

Facebook fan Page are a great way to promote your blog or website and facebook like box is widely used social plugin from Facebook developers. This facebook like box will help your visitor to become regular reader just by clicking like button. So that this box will increase number of your facebook fans. To get this widget follow below procedure,

  • Simple fecebook like box

Simple Facebook Like Box for Blogger
Let me explain how to add simple facebook like box.

1. Login To Blogger Account.
2. Click Layout > Add A Gadget.
3. Select HTML / Javascript > Paste The Following Code In content Box.

<iframe src="//" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:292px; height:258px;" >

Replace my facebook page URL  with your page URL, Change Width And Height According To Your Template.

4. Now save and you are done.

  • Floating facebook like box for Blogger
Floating Facebook Like Box for Blogger

Now I came up with new tutorial for adding floating like box to blogger.

  • Adding Jquery Plugin
1. Go To Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML
2. Search for </head> teg in your template and just below it paste the following JQuery code (You can ignore this step if Jquery Link is already added in your template)

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

  • Adding Widget Code
1. Go to Layout > Add A Gadget
2. Select HTML/Javascript
3. Paste the following code inside it,
<script type="text/javascript">
 $(document).ready(function() {$(".w2bslikebox").hover(function() {$(this).stop().animate({right: "0"}, "medium");}, function() {$(this).stop().animate({right: "-250"}, "medium");}, 500);});
 </script> <style type="text/css"> .w2bslikebox{background: url("") no-repeat scroll left center transparent !important;display: block;float: right;height: 300px;padding: 0 5px 0 46px;width: 245px;z-index: 99999;position:fixed;right:-250px;top:20%;} .w2bslikebox div{border:none;position:relative;display:block;} .w2bslikebox span{bottom: 12px;font: 8px "lucida grande",tahoma,verdana,arial,sans-serif;position: absolute;right: 6px;text-align: right;z-index: 99999;} .w2bslikebox span a{color: #808080;text-decoration:none;} .w2bslikebox span a:hover{text-decoration:underline;} </style><div class="w2bslikebox" style=""><div>
 <iframe src=";width=245&amp;colorscheme=light&amp;show_faces=true&amp; connections=9&amp;stream=false&amp;header=false&amp;height=292" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" style="border: medium none; overflow: hidden; height: 292px; width: 245px;background:#fff;"></iframe><span><a style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 9px; color: #999;" href="" target="_blank"> JM</a></span> </div> </div>

4. Replace pages/ThingsGuide/281417998619583 with your Facebook fan page URL.
5. Now save your template and you are all done!

Visit your Blogs to see it floating at the right side of your webpage.

Google doodles to celebrate George Boole’s birth anniversary

Today’s Google Doodle is a celebration of the 200th birth anniversary of George Boole, an American mathematician, educator, philosopher and logician.

Boole is the author of “The Laws of Thought”, which deals with Boolean algebra. George Boole’s work has created the basis upon which digital logic, and effectively computational mathematics and the whole computing industry finds its foundation.
Since machines don’t understand language as we speak, there was no way in history to interact with computers without the use of digital logic, which was bringing every decision to two states – ‘on’ or ‘off’, which also meant ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
Boolean Algebra deals with the truth values – true and false – also depicted by 1 and 0. George Boole introduced Boolean Algebra in “The Mathematical Analysis of Logic” in 1847. It laid the foundation for digital electronics, and all modern programming languages support it.
Today’s Doodle highlights the various Boolean operators – AND, OR, NOT, and XOR. These Boolean operators also find application in search, also known as Boolean search. For example, in Google, if you want to search for all Dogs, but want to keep hotdogs from your search results, then you could simply type “Dogs -hotdogs”. The – sign is the NOT operator.
Similarly, if you want to search for the Google Nexus, but want to see results for the mentions with both words together, you could search for Google AND Nexus. If you want mentions only either, you could search for Google OR Nexus.

Facebook, BSNL Partner to Set Up Wi-Fi Hotspots

Boosting the government's ambitious 'Digital India' drive, 

social media giant Facebook has come forward to facilitate

state-run BSNL in setting up 100 Wi-Fi sites in rural areas 

of western and southern India.

Facebook will spend Rs. 5 crores per annum for sponsoring these 100 Wi-Fi hotspots in the 
"Facebook has partnered with us to sponsor 100 Wi-Fi hotspots in villages across west and 
southern India. They will pay Rs. 5,00,000 for BSNL bandwidth for each hotspot per annum," BSNL Chairman & MD Anupam Shrivastava told PTI.
The hotspots are being set up by BSNL selected vendor Quad Zen.
"We have already set up 25 hotspots under the agreement. Facebook is only sponsoring them 
and not taking any revenue share. Quad Zen will set up these hotspots and handle sales. 
There is revenue share model between BSNL and Quad Zen," Shrivastava said.
When contacted, Facebook spokesperson said, "We don't have any comments at this point of
The agreement between Facebook and BSNL is for three years and it can be further extended
for two more years, he said.
BSNL has also received interest from Member of Parliaments for setting up Wi-Fi hotspots in 
villages which they have adopted under Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) to make it a 
model village by 2016.
"Union ministers Nitin Gadkari, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Najma Heptulla and Lok Sabha speaker
Sumitra Mahajan are sponsoring BSNL bandwidth for Wi-Fi hotspots in the villages that they 
have adopted under SAGY. BSNL approached MPs explaining this model under MPLAD 
scheme and over 50 MPs have responded positively to it," Shrivastava said.
He said that the sponsored Wi-Fi spots are being set-up in addition to 2,500 Wi-Fi spots that 
BSNL is setting up in partnership with Quad Zen and Trimax.
"With Facebook and MPs coming forward, we are being able to set up Wi-Fi hotspots in area 
where it is not commercially feasible to run them. We are quickly extending optical fibre 
connectivity to these hotspots," Shrivastava said.
Under commercial model, Quad Zen will set up 2,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in West and Southern 
part of the country and Trimax will set up 500 hotspots in North India.

5 Top rated camera apps make your android phone become funny digital camera

Maybe you are really not satisfied with the quality and capability of your Android phone camera. Because of the original ROM, the image got worse even it taken from 5 Mega Pixel or even higher. And you can not take some notes or add some funny/cool stuff on your photo instantly. Fortunately, we still can download the camera app to make our main camera become much more powerful. But there are dozens of camera apps in Android market. Don't worry, today, I just picked out 5 top rated camera apps for you. Let's check them all.

Top 5: Camera360 Ultimate (Rated: 4.3)

Camera360 Ultimate

Camera360 is a worldwide popular camera app for Phone, and ever pointed as one of TOP 100 technology products by PC World. With its simple operations, fantastic effects, and fluent UE, Camera360 won support and favor from more than 20 million fans in every corner on the earth within just one year. Camera360 finally leads fashion of phone photography’s development.

Top 4: Retro Camera (Rated: 4.3)
Retro Camera
With Retro Camera you'll take delicious old-school pics your friends will drool over. 5 cameras, 5 sets of vintage vignetting, film scratch, black and white & cross processing effects for that off-the-hip analog look. Inspired by the Lomo, Holga, Polaroid, Diana, the toy cameras and Hipstamatic. Instant Nostalgia now free.

Top 3: FxCamera (Rated: 4.4)
This is an awesome app, it brings extra functionality to Android’s camera. Some of these features probably should’ve been included natively in Android. Not only is this app really good it is also a fun app to play with. There’s a Fisheye setting, Polaroid and SymmetriCam, SymmetriCam is my favorite, it displays an upside down copy of the picture you took next to the original.

Top 2: Little Photo (Rated: 4.5)
Little Photo
The Little Photo Android App by Moment app is an camera app that has integrates with Android and offers several options above and beyond the stock camera app. The app was well designed with a simple to use interface that allows for easy manipulation of photos. The tools to edit photos and render effects were carefully chosen and as such are reflected in the app itself.

Top 1: PicsArt - Photo Studio (Rated: 4.7)
PicsArt combines the best features of many photo applications it is one of best and most complete photo editors available for free in the market for Android devices. It support various practical functions like Picture editor, Magic effects, Draw, Sharing, Network, Camera and Live Wallpaper.

Have you ever find one app that you want to install, if you want to download or learn about the app more, you can just click the app name, and ckeck it on Android official market. Just take out your android phone to keep the beautiful moment now!

Huawei Mate 8 Teaser Confirms November 26 Launch

Huawei Mate 8 Teaser Confirms November 26 Launch

Huawei has finally started teasing the launch of its upcoming phablet, the Mate 8, which is expected to be unveiled on November 26. The Chinese company shared the teaser via Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter), confirming the launch event as well as Mate 8 device.

The unannounced Huawei Mate 8 is expected to ship with the company's own Kirin 950 SoC, which will likely be the company's chipset for high-end devices. An earlier leaked roadmap of the company tipped that the Mate 8 may feature a 6-inch QHD display, Kirin 950 SoC, and a 16-megapixel rear camera with OIS.

In another leak, Huawei's yet-to-be-announced Mate 8 was pictured (via Mobile Dad) purportedly showing the metal frame of the handset. The leaked images have been posted by a employee of Foxconn, in whose factory the Mate 8 is reportedly being assembled. In the leaked images, the Mate 8's SIM card tray can also be seen alongside microSD card slot. We can expect more details to emerge as the launch nears.

Last week, the Chinese company launched the Honor 5X in China. The metal-clad smartphone, also known as the Honor Glory Play 5X, was announced in two variants - with 2GB RAM and 3GB RAM, priced at CNY 999 (roughly Rs. 10,200) and CNY 1,399 (roughly Rs. 14,300) respectively.

Some of the highlights of the Honor 5X include dual-4G standby support; Android 5.1 Lollipop with the EMUI 3.1 skin; 5.5-inch full-HD (1080x1920 pixels) resolution IPS display; 64-bit octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 SoC (four Cortex-A53 cores at 1.7GHz + four Cortex-A53 cores at 1.2GHz); expandable storage support via microSD card (up to 128GB); 13-megapixel rear camera with dual-LED flash; 5-megapixel front-facing camera, and a 3000mAh battery.

SOURCE: Gadgets.ndtv

Top 5 Android Downloader Apps to Help You Download Everything When You Want

Downloading the files with the android devices can be such painful especially when you download a large file. You must want to kill anything around you when the downloading process stop in 99%. There is always solution for everything. If you wanna an stable and fast download process. You can just install an Downloader app from Android Market. But you will also find that a great downloader app is not so easy to get. Here, I will list 5 top rated android downloader tools to help you.

Top 5: Turbo Downloader (Rated: 4.1)

The First Download Accelerating App in the Android Market. Simply Long Press on a link on your browser and choose "Share Link" => "Turbo Downloader" and start the download in turbo speed! Due to time constraints and dev resources availability Turbo Downloader will no longer be technically supported.

Top 4: Download All Files (Rated: 4.1)

Download all files from the Web and Gmail in hassel-free a way. Previously you might have encountered the "Content not support" error message while trying to download APK, RAR, ZIP, MP3, DOC, XLS or other files. With Download All Files you will be able to download these files to your device. This app works like a browser plugin and enables you to download all file types and allows you to save them easily to your SD card.

Top 3: Download Everything Pro (Rated: 4.3)

Download Everything Pro is a very lite yet super powerful downloading utility that will let you search and download all the indexed mediafire files. It has all the classic features plus many new cool features and a graceful look too. You will definitely fall in love with the simplicity of this utility. Now you are not constrained to download just one file at a time, now you can download upto 6 files simultaneously. The app now has a proper history management feature too.

Top 2: aDownloader (Rated: 4.3)

Top 1: IDM (Rated: 4.6)

Internet Download Manager is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 500 percent, resume and schedule downloads. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages. Simple graphic user interface makes IDM user friendly and easy to use.

I believe that most of people have tried IDM on PC, now this app is available on Android. But after I read the comments about this app, I find most of people feedback that this app can not really do such what it writes. Here I recommend to use Download All Files. If you find this is not suitable on your android phone. You can just try another one in the 5 apps.