Infinix Hot 2 X510 Does Not Come With Gallery, Video &Music Player, File Manager - Here is Solution

Since the launch of the smartphone device, one in every of the foremost frequent criticism we've got been obtaining is that the non handiness of some important apps.
The apps any pointed at square measure the Gallery app, Video player, music player and file manager app. In each golem device we've got utilized in the past, those apps were gift and that i marvel why the infinix hot two tends to not associate with the app pre-installed.

In a bid to resolution this puzzle once and for all, am simply aiming to proffer an answer. with regard our unit of the device, we have a tendency to don’t have problems with the absence of these apps as a result of we have a tendency to already apprehend out means spherical and we’d wish to share same information with you.

Yes, the Infinix hot two didn’t return pre-installed with those mentioned apps. Hence, you shouldn’t begin feeling just like the issue should do along with your specific device.


If you're staring at viewing photos and looking videos on the device, the device comes pre-installed with the Photos app. The app permits you read footage and videos on the device and on the SD-Card (If any).

If you're staring at enjoying music on the phone, the phone comes pre-installed with the Play Music app. The app permits you play music files gift on the device moreover because the music files gift on the Mount Rushmore State card if any and additionally, i actually just like the interface.

In regards the file manager app, the Infinix hot two doesn’t associate with any. we have a tendency to had to transfer one on-line which works good. 

There square measure many file managers you'll be able to transfer from the play store app. If you plan downloading outside the play store app, you'll be able to transfer one Here.
So, this is often the foremost talked issue with the device up to now and that we simply need to proffer answer here.

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