Things You Need to do Before Uninstalling Android Apps On Your Smartphones

 Android smartphones is the top, common and the most use mobile device by almost 80% of people around the World.
While a friend visited me, I asked him to uninstall an Android App, all I see was he just drag and drop the app in the uninstall box at top left screen and uninstall completes, which is not good enough.
I knew that’s how you too usually uninstall apps on your Android device, but there are some things you need to do before you uninstall the app.
These things are to be done for your device to performs faster and better as well to increase the life span of your smartphone.

What You Need to do Before Uninsalling Apps
I would be using the Facebook App as Example in this tutorial:
1. Look for the App info of the App you wanted to uninstall.
App info on some device can be got by touching and holding the app shortcut and then drag to the top right hand side of the screen otherwise go to settings >> Apps >> Choose the App you wanted to Uninstall.

2. Once you got the App info you should have something like below screenshot

3. Now tap on Clear data and then Clear Cache
4. Once all is done then you can now uninstall the desired app.
What Happens if Android Apps is Not Correctly Uninstalled?
Nothing than, you would have the app datas on your device just occupying your device memory and it can lead to slowness of the device while performing tasks. Also it would later lead to shortage of memory where you would be receiving low disk space and you would be wondering why is my device lmemory occupied.

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