Secrets About Internal Memory On Android Phone

You might have been wondering why you normally get insufficient space whenever you tried to install downloaded apps and games from either google play store and even when you have 16gb, 32gb internal memory space.

So today I am going to share with you some hidden facts about Android phones internal memory. The internal memory space is into 3 parts which are Installation, storage for stuffs( like music, video, files, images, pictures, etc) and operating system (OS).

1. installation
Any apps you install on your device goes to the space given to installation and when that space is filled up due to the large number of apps you have installed, you will experience insufficient space because the space available for Installation is consumed by apps you have installed. You can tweak your device and allocate more space to installation but it is dangerous if you are not a computer geek.

2. Storage
Now to storage, out of 16gb, 8gb would be allocated to storage. The storage serve as your Memory card (SD card) where you store files such as images, pictures, movies, etc which normally consume more of the space.

NOTE: whenever you take a picture, video recording. Bluetooth transfer etc it all goes to the path that serve as internal SD card of your phone storage (not memory card but both of them does the same functions) one is inbuilt while the other one you insert it.

3. Operating system
The Free space you thought was free is not actually for installation of apps. Themes etc Android phone or tab that has 16gb. Internal memory means one part is for OS files other one for installations of games, apps, etc. The remaining storage and internal memory go to OS files.

So whenever you experience insufficient space on your Android phone be it HTC,Samsung galaxy, Tecno, Sony, gionee, infinix etc just find a solution to resolve it by making use of Android apps specially made to clean the device e.g cm security. SD maid (you need to root the device first to work)

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