How to Use Dual Whatsapp Account on Your Android Phone

I am sure you are currently having your eyebrows raised by the topic title, and wondering how true this it. I   will now share with you how you can install 2 whatsapp accounts on a phone. I am only sure about Android phones for now. If I find out how to use it on other devices I will update you all.
This is also a very simple process that involves you downloading he OGWhatsApp on your Android device. This is a modified app that allows you to use two different whatsapp accounts on your phone using two different phone numbers.
Just follow these instructions below:
Step 1
Firstly, You need to have 2 SIM cards that are working and are currently available with you so that you can activate the 2 whatsapp accounts on your android phone without any problem. The phone does not need to be a dual SIM phone. The other SIM can be in any other phone its just so that you can receive the verification code.
Step 2
The next step involves backing up all your conversations. This can be achieved by opening your already installed whatsapp and Tap on options and then Settings >> Chat Settings >> Backup Conversions to backup full whatsapp data along with contact details.

Step 3
Clear all your whatsapp data, This is done by going to your phone Settings >> Applications >> Whatsapp >> Clear data . 

sTep 4

The next thing is to rename your whatsapp folder. Do this by going to your SD card and rename your whatsapp folder and change it to OGwhatsapp.

Step 5
You can now uninstall the version of Whatsapp you have on your phone and then download the OGwhatsapp. You can download it here. It will ask for your phone number, add your old number and complete the verification process. You will see all your old conversations pop up on the app.
Step 6
The final step is for you to download the normal Whatsapp from the Google Playstore and install it. You should use the second phone number here and verify your account.
Download it here.
Now you are all set up with two Whatsapp accounts. Hope you find this very helpful?
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