Google Increases Upload Size Limit On Play Store To 100MB

Google is showing some love to Android developers in a very big way. The Internet giant has just increased the upload size limit for apps on the Google Play store from 50MB to 100MB. With this move , Google is encouraging developers to write more efficient codes and produce more useful apps.

Despite the increase in upload limit , developers are still advised to keep their app size as minimal as possible in order to strike a balance between delivering a delightful user experience and maximizing the hardware of the device.

Android Developers should keep the following factors in Mind :

*Mobile data connectivity: Users around the world have varying mobile data connectivity speeds. Particularly in developing countries, many people are coming online with connections slower than those of users in countries like the U.S. and Japan. Users on a slow connection are less likely to install an app or game that is going to take a long time to download.

*Mobile data caps: Many mobile networks around the world give users a limited number of MB that they can download each month without incurring additional charges. Users are often wary of downloading large files for fear of exceeding their limits.

*App performance: Mobile devices have limited RAM and storage space. The larger your app or game, the slower it may run, particularly on older devices.

*Install time: People want to start using your app or game as quickly as possible after tapping the install button. Longer wait times increase the risk they’ll give up.

While this is definately a good move , the end users will be the most affected because the bigger an app , the more data will be required to download it. Imagine shelling out 100MB just to download 1 app

Photo Credit : Google Playstore
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