Confirmed! Google Now Has A New Logo

Google has unveiled a new logo that will represent its brand on all platforms.
The new logo was announced via a post on Google blog. Here is an excerpt ;
     Today we’re introducing a new      logo and identity family that reflects this reality and shows you when the Google magic is working for you, even on the tiniest screens. As you’ll see, we’ve taken the Google logo and branding, which were originally built for a single desktop browser page, and updated them for a world of seamless computing across an endless number of devices and different kinds of inputs (such as tap, type and talk).
It doesn’t simply tell you that you’re using Google, but also shows you how Google is working for you. For example, new elements like a colorful Google mic help you identify and interact with Google whether you’re talking, tapping or typing. Meanwhile, we’re bidding adieu to the little blue “g” icon and replacing it with a four-color “G” that matches the logo.
Visit and you will be greeted by this doodle :

Let take a look at the Old Logo vs New Logo
This is the biggest logo update in the last 16years. The difference is clear. The most immediate change is the typeface of the logo itself. Since 1999, Google has used a serif wordmark (serifs are the filigree on the ends of traditional print typefaces like Times New Roman). Now, Google has updated the logo with a sans-serif typeface.
There’s also a slight adjustment to the alphabet size and spacing. The alphabet G is bolder and bigger than the previous one , The alphabet “O” is more circular , and there is also some changes to alphabet “g” and “e”.

In the last 17years , Google has evolved from a search engine to one of the biggest technology companies earth. Google is so big that it had to create a parent company called Alphabet.
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