The iPhone 6S is Apple’s thought iPhone alternative for the remainder of 2015 and 2016. And guess what: it's similar to the iPhone half dozen.

But before you go kicking up a stink on Facebook, protestant Apple has gone down the pan, you wish to school-up on a number of things. We’ve place along the ten stuff you fully have to be compelled to comprehend the new iPhone 6S.

At least then you'll dross off the new mobile and sound such as you recognize what you’re talking concerning. And, who knows, perhaps we’ll facilitate to vary your mind. as a result of we are able to just about guarantee this isn’t attending to be a nasty phone.

1. It currently comes in a very pinkie color

Let’s begin with the flimsiest new little bit of the ton. Apple can build the iPhone 6S in a very pinkie shade in addition because the usual gray, silver and gold.

Apple calls it rose gold, though it’s most definitely still product of atomic number 13 instead of gold. It conjointly doesn’t very look gold in the least. It’s undoubtedly, well, pink. The shade has enough smokiness to that to avoid wanting remotely gaudy, though. Apple doesn’t build cheap-looking gear, after all.

If you don’t wish to have a pink phone, you'll conjointly get the iPhone 6S within the additional acquainted gray, silver and gold shades.

2. The dinky-ish four.7-inch screen remains

If you were hoping Apple would nudge the iPhone 6S screen scrutinize somewhat, to bring it in-line with the robot crowd, you’re attending to be frustrated. It still includes a four.7-inch screen, currently thought-about a size common solely to budget phones outside of the Apple line-up.

The school behind the show hasn’t modified, either. You get a decent IPS digital display panel and 1334 x 750 picture element resolution. That’s right: nearer to 720p than Full HD, which can appear somewhat of a cheek once Sony simply created a 4K-resolution phone. Or, additional to the purpose, that you simply will get Full HD Androids for 0.5 the worth while not even attempting,

3. Camera megapixel count is up

After years of constructing clever under-the-table enhancements to its phone camera, Apple has finally bumped up the iPhone iSight camera resolution, from 8MP to 12MP. The sensing element uses deep trench isolation to assist avoid cramming additional pixels into (presumably) the same-size sensing element inflicting any image quality loss.

You see, after you squeeze sensing element pixels in nearer, creating them smaller, you’re additional doubtless to urge interference. That’s wherever light-weight from one sub picture element winds up within the ‘box’ of another. Trench isolation helps avoid this, belongings the iPhone 6S whack up its sensitivity additional whereas keeping a tighter rein on noise and color distortion. With any luck it’ll mean we tend to get additional detail, however no additional noise than before.

Apple didn’t observe iPhone 6S optical image stabilisation, though, leading North American nation to believe it's, once more, been disregarded of this smaller iPhone. If that’s the case it means that the iPhone 6S can have worse low-light performance than the most effective robot cameras. Oh well.

4. you'll shoot 4K video, and low-light selfies

With the move to a 12MP sensing element we tend to get 4K video capture, wherever every frame has the maximum amount data in it as AN 8MP picture. Not bad, right?

As in previous iPhones, the iPhone 6S can doubtless crop into the sensing element slightly once shooting video to urge you package stabilisation, belongings you get obviate a number of that ugly hand shake result.

What may well be of additional use to a number of you tho' is that the TrueTone selfie feature. What this will is use your phone’s show as a makeshift flash unit, overdriving the digital display to form it even brighter than traditional. It works by assessing what the front 5-megapixel selfie cam sees then neutering the tone of the screen to deliver the foremost natural-looking picture.

5. the foremost gadgety feature is 3DTouch

If you would like real school innovation from your iPhone 6S, look no additional than 3DTouch. that is largely the iPhone equivalent of the Force bit feature we tend to saw within the MacBook 12-inch trackpad. What it will is to use a sensing element to live the slight variance in distance between the highest glass layer and therefore the show backlight to inform once you’re pressing down onerous, or lighter.

This can then be used as a gesture to unlock secondary functions, well, just about anyplace in iOS nine. Functions Apple has shown off already embody having the ability to crosscut your thanks to specific elements of AN app right from the house screen exploitation the ‘peek’ gesture, which seems to be unlocked with a harder press. Expect to see this feature appear in every app under the sun soon enough.

6. Apple has upped the build

The iPhone 6S looks just like the iPhone 6, but Apple says it has improved hardiness substantially. From an… unspecified grade of aluminium shell before, we now get 7000-series aluminium alloy. Recently, this was used in the Sport version of the Apple Watch.

It should mean the iPhone 6S is a bit more resilient to scratches, able to wear that bit better. The front glass has changed too. Apple never talks all that openly about how its glass compares to that of rivals, but we’re told the dual ion exchange glass used in the iPhone 6S will be a significant improvement. Time to get the box cutter out to see if it’s true.

7. The CPU has been turbo-charged

As usual, Apple has improved the new iPhone’s CPU. And as usual, it’s an Apple-designed chip that isn’t easy to compare with that of the competition. It’s called simply the Apple A9.

What we do know so far is that its CPU part has up to 70 percent more power than the Apple A8 of the iPhone 6, and the GPU 90 per cent more power. Given the iPhone 6S’s screen resolution hasn’t changed, it means devs will be able to pack in way more impressive visual effects. The chipset will be more efficient too, having upgraded the architecture process to, most likely, 14nm like the Samsung Galaxy S6’s Exynos chipset.

8. TouchID is going to be even faster

Apple has quietly upgraded the TouchID scanner. It says it’s now up to 2x as fast as the old version, which we have no complaints about as-is. It’s likely a slightly tweak to the scanner hardware that live under the home button, as well as — most likely — some software algorithm improvements that make it a bit snappier.

9. It’ll cost the same amount as the iPhone 6

The iPhone 6S will cost just as much as the iPhone 6 did, well, until right now.

That means from $199 in the US, or from £539 in the UK SIM-free. As before, there are three main versions if you don’t factory in all the colours: 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. As usual, none have expandable memory so think carefully before you hit the checkout button.

10. You can pre-order it on September 12

The iPhone 6S is coming soon. Apple wasn’t lying. You’ll be able to pre-order a phone from September 12 on the Apple Store website. It’s the best place to head if you want a phone on day one.

Two weeks later on 25 September the iPhone 6S will get its usual grand retail unveil at Apple Stores across the biggest territories, including the UK and US. If you’re going to try to get one on the day, it’ll be dicey unless you’re willing to sign up for an expensive contract. You’ve been warned

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