How to Use NOTEPAD to Save Text Files In Any Format & Extensions on PC

Hello, everybody knows what we called Notepad. Notepad is a plain text editor, that would Normally save your texts in ".txt" extension.
To launch this application, hit your Windows Start button >> All Programs > Accessories, there you'll find it.

There are many other text files your Notepad can open for your use in editing,
Examples are:
.css etc
a few DOC files (Microsoft Documents) and many others.
But then, if you EDIT the file and want to "Save As New", you're likely to have come across a problem, it keeps saving with default format.

Just the other day, I downloaded a JavaScript file ( .js ), I Opened it with Notepad after doing what I wanted to inside the script, I needed to save it in ".js" extension, unluckily it was rather saving as ".txt" which is the typical extension Notepad uses to save its files.
I needed it to be in its default extension, so it could work on the webpage I want use it for.
After saving as *txt, I tried renaming the file extension, removed only the *txt in the file name, yet, the typical file type REMAINED a *txt file.

If you experience such difficulties,
Here's how you can Save a File in its Default Extension, or save to Any New Extension you want using NOTEPAD

¶ Click the Save As New
¶ Move down  to "Save as File Type" just below File Name, Click "All Files"
¶ Go up to File Name Again, Write the any name you want to give the file ∆ put a dot sign (.) after the name and include the File Extension (i.e myJavascriptfile.js , myFile.html or MyFile.xml etc)
and just Hit Save

It will Save it by the File extension you named it.

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Thanks for reading.

How to Use NOTEPAD to Save Text Files In Any Format & Extensions on PC How to Use NOTEPAD to Save Text Files In Any Format & Extensions on PC Reviewed by Joseph Chikeleze on August 11, 2015 Rating: 5

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