7 Steps To Resume Failed Downloads In UCBrowser.

I have been faced with kind of problems sometimes, i know how you feel when your download is 98%
then it breaks and you are unable to continue.

Sometimes you’ll get the retrying error.
I’ll be sharing with you helpful tips with

How To Resume Broken UCDownloads:

1. Use File Manager, look for the UC
Downloads folder, then look for your
downloading file and another file with a
similar name ending with .Tmp.

2. Move both files from UCDownloads to any
other folder.

3. Then open the UC Browser App and delete
the file from the download list.

4. Now you have to download the same file,
same source.

5. Then again go to File Manager > UC
Downloads > Now delete these two new
files. [Downloading File & .Tmp File]

6. Now go to the folder you moved the two
files earlier to and move it back to

7. Now open the UC Browser App. Resume the
file from your download list.
If you got any error then feel free to comment. I
will reply as soon as possible.

Hope this article is helpful? Please share it with your friends. Thank you.
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