4 Basic Steps To Prolong Your Android Battery

Hello, As you all known that Andriod phone is now the order of the day
in the World of technology, every now and then New andriod phone keep
pumping out with different Speculations. We have Different andriod
phone with different Battery Capacity. I am using Infinix Hot x507
(battery is 2000AMH)

Here are some 4 basic steps on How to Prolong your android battery to
make it last longer.

Increasing the brightness of your andriod phone will drain your
battery very fast than you can ever imagine. To reduce the brightness
go to Menu > Settings > Click Display > Brightness and reduce it.

If you Put ON your data and wifi connection at the same time it
drains your battery at a faster rate (like Jet Speed). To off your
data connection go to Menu > Settings > Network settings > Data
Connection > then click OFF IT.

To swicth Off your wifi go to Menu > Settings > Wi-Fi > Then Click OFF.

NOTE: Sim 1 come with Auto 3G network while Sim 2 come with 2G network
(but you can change it to 3G)

I known some of you love to play games like Pes, Real Football, Temple
Run e.t.c But this one of the Application we have on our andriod phone
that drains your battery. It is either you reduce the number of times
you play games OR you uninstall it.

Some people are so addicted to phone in the sense that the Percentage
of their is maybe 20% and the start pressing their phone while
charging. This also cause serious Damage to your Phone battery. The
best time to charge is when your battery reach 30% - 20% then you can
charge it, but don't press it.
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