12 Steps To Set Single Name Trick On Facebook

Hello, you are welcome to this Tutorial. Many of you might have seen

many people using single name via facebook as their name. Here is the

simple trick to set yours:-

STEP 1: Open the ID which you want to create for the single name


STEP 3: Enable the Port Option

STEP 4: Now put this in the port OR get a working

proxy from google.

STEP 5: Now Scroll down, there will be a box for inserting ''DOMAIN''

STEP 6: Insert m.facebook.com in Domain box and then ''SAVE'' the

whole settings.

STEP 7: Now go back to your facebook Id

STEP 8: Facebook will now run slowly: Now go to account settings.

STEP 9: Change Language to ''BAHASA INDONESIA''

STEP 10: Now go to Name, change name remove the Last name and save it.

STEP 11: It's DONR NOW! You will have your first name only as your new

facebook id now

STEP 12: After all these remove the proxy and change the language back

to English (US) OR whatever you are using before.

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