How To Link BVN To All Bank Accounts Without Going To The Bank

Have you been locked out of access to your account because you have not linked your Bank Verification Number (BVN) to your bank account? Today we provided you easy way to link your BVN to your account across all banks in Nigeria without going to the banking hall to queue up. You can now link your BVN from the comfort of your home.

If you already enrolled for BVN with another Bank in Nigeria but was unable to link your BVN number to your other Nigerian bank accounts due to the excessive crowd don’t worry you can still do it either on your bank website, via email or SMS.

Below are all the lists of banks with instructions on how to link BVN number to your bank account.


Option 1: Visit any GTBank ATM and follow these steps:

¶ Insert your GTBank card in ATM and input your four digit PIN

¶ Select “BVN Linking” option

¶ Enter your 11-digit BVN number and select “Proceed”

¶  The ATM will display the BVN number and request you to validate

¶ Once the BVN number is validated as correct, select “Proceed”

¶  Insert your PIN to validate and submit

Option 2: If you have internet access GTBank BVN portal would enable customers provide their BVN for linking to their existing GTBank account.

To link your BVN, kindly do the following:-

Please First click here now

¶  Input your GTBank NUBAN

¶ Select a Bank where your BVN was issued

¶ Input the BVN number obtained from another Bank, then click on submit

First Bank

Option 1: If you have internet access
Go to
Fill the form and submit

Option 2: Text BVN#account number#BVNCode to 08076664444 e.g BVN#1010101010#22147733260

Wait for few minutes, you would receive a text message stating your BVN has been successfully submitted for processing.

NOTE: The text message isn’t free, text message charges implies with your network

Access Bank
Simply text BVN, leave a space your account number and BVN number to 20121
For example BVN 0170216788 22193486908 to 20121. Or you can link your BVN on their website here .

Diamond Bank
Simply link your diamond bank account with your BVN number below:
Send your BVN details via email to
Or send your BVN number and account no as SMS to 30811
Call our 24hour contact center on 07003000000

Zenith Bank
Simply update your BVN via your iBank profile
Or call ZenithDirect on +23412787000, 2927000, 4647000
Or mail your BVN number and account no to

Simply dial 3269# on your ecobank phone number you registered to receive alert and follow the instruction prompts to input your BVN number.

United Bank for Africa (UBA)
Simply dial 9196# on the mobile number linked to your account and follow the prompts

Fidelity Bank
Simply send your account details, BVN, Mobile number, date/bank of enrolment and date of birth via mail to
Or call 080034335489 for update.
Or login to the internet banking portal and click on the “no BVN” link.

First City Monument Bank (FCMB)
Simply send your BVN number and account no to

Skye Bank
Simply send your BVN and account details to

Sterling Bank:
Simply send your BVN and account details to

Standard Chartered Bank
Simply send Name, Account Number, Local Government Area (LGA), Sate of Origin and BVN, via any of the following options:
24-Hour Contact Center: call +234 1 270 4611-4

Online Banking: log on to your Online Banking and send a mail by clicking on the “Contact us” button
Send a mail to

Union Bank
Simply link your Union Bank account with your BVN number via union bank website using account linkage tool here

Stanbic IBTC
Visit stanbicibtc bank website and fill the BVN update form Here or Text “BVN’’ then your BVN Number (e.g. BVN 12345678901) to 30909 by SMS

Keystone Bank
You can easily link your keystone bank account with your BVN number, Click here to go to Keystone Bank’s BVN linker

Heritage Bank
Simply link your heritage bank account with your BVN number, Click here to go to Heritage Bank’s BVN linker.

Wema Bank
Wema bank account holders can link their BVN to their account on Wema Bank’s website. Follow the instructions.
¶  Go to
¶  Fill the form and submit

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Nigerian Banks Stop The Use of your ATM Cards Abroad? Here are Alternatives !

The Central Bank of Nigeria has of late enforced certain restrictions on the usage of bank ATM cards popularly known as Automated Teller Machine cards, for dollar-denominated transactions when they travel abroad with effect from January 1, 2016. This means bank customers will not be able to use their cards to purchase products outside the country especially from foreign e-commerce sites like AliExpress, E-Bay, Gearbest and Amazon which involve foreign currency transactions.

According to CBN, before CBN will start talking of lifting the current restriction placed on ATM card usage abroad and foreign transactions, that the country must build the foreign reserve to the tune of $50billion. At the moment, it is $29billion. That might take a long time before it will be achieve.

Bad right? A transaction I made from renewing one of our client domains was charged by GTBank at the rate of N269.50 per US dollar while another was charged by Diamond Bank PLC at the rate of N275.00 per US dollar. So I start to think if there is any possible alternative one can use to survive through this ash season. Fortunately there are alternatives.

Alternatives to Nigeria ATM Cards

1. GTBank Dollar Master Card 

This cards are for those with GTBank domiciliary account, you can just walk into any GTBank branch near you and demand for a Dollar Master Card. With this dollar master card, you can do everything online, foreign site and even withdraw in naira using the local ATM.

2. Zenith MasterCard WebSurfer – 

Zenith Websurfer is a moderately good brand of MasterCard issued by Zenith Bank. This card is not a credit card that you can use to withdraw cash from the ATM machine. The Web Surfer is a low limit card that can only be used on the internet just as the name sounds.

How to apply for Zenith MasterCard WebSurfer


¶ Walk into any head Zenith bank branch and request for a websurfer account opening form.

Things you will have before going to the bank are:
¶ One recent passport photo
¶ The ID type you used in the request form
¶ At least $150 cash

After opening your account, wait for at least 48hour (but your account is activated whenever you receive the mail even if it is 12hrs or 24hrs) for your account to be fully activated. In fact check the email you used for the Websurfer for your account activation information.

3. PaYoneer Master Card –

Payoneer is one of the rapidly growing payment processors and when I say its growing I really mean its growing, because almost every day you get to know that some renowned firm(s) has signed-up with to pay their members. 

This card is free to get. No bank account required, and the card can be used to make purchases or withdraw cash worldwide where MasterCard® is accepted.

 If you have other alternatives, kindly list them below using the comment box.

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Easy Way To Root Tecno Camon C8

I must confess that rooting is now becoming an important stuff to all Android users. In fact, after your new smartphone is fully charged and your SIM is ready for use, the next thing to do is to start the rooting process.

How Do I Root The Tecno Camon C8?

Have you been trying to root Tecno Camon C8? Rooting Tecno C8 is as simples as saying ABC. To gain root access to your Tecno C8 android phone you need the following:
==> PC
==> Internet connection
==> ported TWRP
==>SP Flash tool

By going through this article and following the guide herein, I am convinced that you know exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. If rooting sounds new to you and you’re wondering what it means, why you should do it and what the benefits are, I suggest you should continue reading.

Rooting according to wikipedia, is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as root access) over various Android’s subsystems. As Android uses the Linux kernel, rooting an Android device gives similar access to administrative permissions as on Linux or any other Unix-like operating system such as FreeBSD or OS X.

Disclaimer: Please note that MyTechng won’t be responsible if your device gets bricked in the process of rooting. You should also be aware that rooting your Tecno device may void the 12-month warranty given to your Tecno smartphone.

Steps to Root Tecno C8

==> You need to download  HERE  and save it to your phone’s SD card

==>Download the ported  TWRP for Tecno C8 HERE

==> Unzip the TWRP zip file and flash the recovery image to the phone using SP flash tool ( You can download SP Flashtool HERE)

==> Boot the phone into TWRP recovery mode (by Holding the Vol Up  + Power button for 5 seconds)

==>In TWRP recovery, Choose install zip from sdcard- to Choose zip from sdcard use vol up and down scroll up and down then choose the file from the root of your sdcard.

Scroll to yes and install, after a successful flashing go back and reboot.

To verify if your device is successfully rooted download and install Android Root Checker.

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5 Best New Free Photo Editing Apps for Android

Photo editing via android is so easy and brilliant. Apps available on the Android platform do a very good job of editing photos. Let check out this different photo editing apps:

1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Released in the early part of this year, Lightroom from Adobe went free a while back for Android. It has all the basic features that users who’ve already used Adobe Lightroom on desktops/laptops will be familiar with. Light being the essential part of any photo, users can customize it using the Lightroom app to varying results.

The app, however, is no desktop alternative. The UI isn’t as intuitive on Android and there are some random issues with crashes and such. But, hey, it’s now free and supports RAW images too.

2. PIP Camera

It may sound like a camera app, but PIP Camera is all about editing photos. Yes, it’s free, but comes loaded with ads. That kinda ruins the experience, especially since there seem to be ads almost everywhere in this app. On the plus side, there are plenty of editing options in this app along with a collage maker, a magazine creator and some additional cool effects like having your photo embedded within a stamp.

Although the app feels a bit clunky (as well as cheesy) at times, if you can get used to it, there are plenty of fun features to be explored besides adding filters, cropping, adjusting contrast and so on. It may not be as comprehensive in its list of features as Pixlr, but it’s not that far behind.

3. Cameringo Lite

This is actually a camera app with quite a few editing options, but I’ve seen most users enjoy the editing options so much they barely use it as a camera app. There are some funky filters here which will mash your face or make the surroundings look like it’s falling in, but that’s just the beginning.

There are things like Lomo effects, HDR, Panorama effects, light leaks and GIF animations too. I’ve even used the paid version of this (Cameringo+) and have found it to be thoroughly enjoyable. It’s no Snapseed or VSCO, but it’s a lot more fun to play around with.

4. Polarr

A comprehensive list of features adorns this app, which works only in landscape mode by default. But that isn’t a bad thing, especially if you’re serious about editing images on a smaller screen. The app not only has basic adjustments and filters, but also more advanced ones like Histogram and Curves.

There are no ads that bother you in this free app, which is great. Moreover, there are plenty of options to import/export and history to see which change affected your picture in what way. This app is ideal for people who are looking for newer alternatives for VSCO as well as Snapseed.

Download Polarr here.

5. Youcam Makeup

This app is certainly targeted to the ladies. With a selfie-focussed approach, the app can help your eyes look bigger, lips more fuller and guess what? Even add a dash of makeup here and there.

That’s not all, you can even add accessories like earrings, headbands and necklaces to enhance your look if you so feel the need to.
It may not look very realistic in most cases but may prove fun for casual sharing on social networks. This app is also ad-supported but they don’t come in your face and users can work around these.

Hope it helps?

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Reviewed Of All Infinix Android Phone That Has Been Released

Infinix phone is widely accepted across Nigeria because of the performance. Infinix storm Nigeria with "hot" a single word that really described the Infinix phone. With so many releases of Infinix phone within a short period of time, it may be a little hard to keep track record of all the Infinix phone that has been released. If you want to buy Android Infinix phone, check out this post for you to make your choice.


Infinix Hot

Infinix hot x507 is the second phone from Infinix to run on Android 4.4.2(KitKat) although there are latest Android OS. Infinix hot is one of the most popular phone ever released because of the cheap price and the performance. Brief specs about Infinix hot

Infinix Hot Quick Specs

¶ Android 4.4 KitKat
¶ 1.3ghz Quad Core Processor
¶ 5 Inch Screen
¶ 16GB internal storage
¶ 2000mAh Li-ion battery

Infinix Hot 2

The Infinix hot 2 popularly called Android one storm the market in a great way and that makes it one of the best selling devices of 2015. After it was released the rate at which people order for the devices shows because it is the first Android smartphone targeted Africa. Infinix hot 2 has a more brilliant display, improved battery performance and built on Google Android one(5.1). Brief specs about the device or read full review here

Infinix Hot 2 Quick Specs

¶ Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
¶ 1.3ghz Quad Core processor
¶ 16GB internal storage
¶ 5 inch HD screen
¶ 2200mAh li-ion batterybattery

Infinix Zero

The Infinix Zero is the 2014 flagship phone from Infinix and first smartphone on Android 4.4 (KitKat) although many users complained About the poor battery life, overheating issues, and the feasibility of the device. Well, it depends on your choice. Quick spec

Infinix Zero Quick Specs

¶ Android 4.4 KitKat
¶ 1.4ghz Octa Core processor
¶ 8GB/16GB internal storage
¶ 5 inch HD screen
¶ 1920mAh li-ion battery

Infinix Zero 2

Infinix Zero 2 is the successor of Infinix Zero, after the users complaints Infinix came out with zero 2 with more power in a very sleek way, yet tough body and it is bigger and more better version of the Infinix Zero. It recorded the lowest sales. Quick spec about the device

Infinix Zero 2 Quick Specs

¶ Android 4.4 KitKat
¶ 2ghz Octa Core processor
¶ 16GB internal storage
¶ 5 inch HD screen
¶ 2300mAh li-ion batterybattery

Infinix Hot Note

The Infinix Hot Note is Infinix’s first phablet and it is also their best selling device of all time. Featuring a monster 4000mAh battery, the Hot Note was bound to be successful considering Nigeria’s epileptic power supply. The Hot Note broke records on Jumia Nigeria being one of the fastest selling infinix phones in the history of Jumia.

Infinix Hot Note Quick Specs

¶ Android 4.4KitKat upgradeable to Lollipop
¶ 1.3ghz Quad Core processor
¶ 16GB internal storage
¶ 5.5 inch HD screen
¶ 4000mAh li-ion battery

Infinix Hot Note Pro

After the hot note broke records everywhere, Infinix decided to follow it up with the Hot Note Pro. The Hot Note Pro is the immediate successor of the Hot Note and although not as successful, it is still a force to be reckoned with. The specs of the Hot Note Pro are almost identical to the hot note save for the RAM and ROM storage. It should be noted though that the Note Pro is no longer in the market as it was a limited edition device on Jumia so it is definitely one of the most elusive Infinix Phones.

Infinix Hot Note Quick Specs

¶ Android 4.4 KitKat
¶ 1.3ghz Quad Core processor
¶ 32GB internal storage
¶ 5.5 inch HD screen
¶ 4ooomAh li-ion battery

Infinix Note 2
The Infinix Note 2 is Infinix’s biggest smartphone till date. At 6 inches, the Note 2 can be no doubt called a phablet. It is a pretty phablet though as it looks very pleasing to the eye. With an innovative design, the 6 inch screened phone will probably feel like a 5.5 inch device to you. It is powered by the same huge battery that powers the Hot Note and the limited edition Hot Note Pro. This device is certainly one of the best Infinix Phones ever.

Infinix Note 2 Quick Specs

¶ Android 5.1 lollipop
¶ 1.3ghz octa Core processor
¶ 1.5GB/2GB RAM
¶ 16GB internal storage
¶ 6 inch HD screen
¶ 4ooomAh li-ion battery

Infinix Zero 3 (zerology)

The Infinix Zero 3 device features a 5.5 inches HD capacitive touchscreen display with 16M color, 4k resolution, 400ppi 1080P and a Corning Glass 3 for protection. Infinix Zero 3 runs on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop out of the box with a fully customized UI tagged “XUI”. However, upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow will be made available next year (2016).

Infinix Zero 3 Quick Specs

¶ Android 5.1 lollipop
¶ 2.20ghz octa Core processor
¶ 16GB/32GB internal storage
¶ 5.5 inches HD screen
¶ 3030mAh li-ion batterybattery

Infinix Big 6 (#the next hero)

Read More about the phone here

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Glo 3gb for #500 Weekend Data Plan

Glo Mobile Nigeria recently added two data bundles to the existing flexi data plans : N200_NIGHT_PLAN and N500_WEEKEND_PLAN.

The #200 Night plan costs just 200 Naira and gives Glo subscribers 1gb to browse the internet for just one day from 12am to 5am. *127*60# is the subscription code for the glo #200 for 1gb Night data plan.

On the other hand, the N500_WEEKEND_PLAN gives you 3gb for just 500 Naira, with a validity of 7 days. You can use it from Saturday 12 am – Sunday 11.59pm. On other days, you can only use it at Nights 12 am – 5am.

How To Subscribe to Glo N500 Weedend Plan

Dial *127*61# on your Glo line.
Alternatively, text “61” to 127.

Source : GloWorld

Activate OTG Feature On Infinix Hot 2 (Android one)

Infinix Hot 2(Android one) that most of you have been enjoying and very soon you we be getting Marshmallow update on it any moment from now. Stay tuned.

When you buy Infinix Hot 2, it came with the Android One OS (5.1.1), with inbuilt OS. The OTG support feature is deactivated and ordinarily attaching your OTG cable with a USB device to it will not work.

What is OTG?
OTG stands for On the Go and what that implies is that devices with OTG support USB On the Go. Meaning that with OTG supported devices you can easily use USB devices directly on them, USB devices like your flash drives, printers, scanners etc. without necessarily needing a PC to transfer your files, print and scan documents.
You need a compactable OTG cable for that and some companies even include these cables as part of accessories on your purchases for OTG supported devices or you can get them separately sold in the market.

In this post, you will learn how to enable the OTG support feature for Infinix Hot 2. After enabling your Infinix Hot 2 OTG support feature, you can start using your USB devices like mouse, gamepads, flash drives and host of other USB devices on the device.

How can i activate the OTG feature on my Infinx Hot 2?

Below is the simple way to activate the OTG feature on your Infinx Hot 2 on both the 1GB RAM and 2GB RAM variants of the phone.

You need to Flash an Android Lollipop (5.1) ROM into your Hot 2 or if you are not used to flashing of ROM into android devices by getting the required ROM img file and flashing with SP Flash Tool, you can opt for the alternative method of taking your device to Infinix Carlcare center and ask them to update the OS for you to Lollipop 5.1; they will be glad to do it for you instantly and free of charge.

Note: If you don’t know where the nearest Infinix carlcare centre is located, you can use the Carlcare app on your device to locate one for yourself.

After flashing or updating to the required Lollipop (5.1) ROM, you will see that your Infinix Hot 2 will now support OTG and USB devices.

Note: After this update, some other missing files and apps on your Hot 2 will be restored.

That all.

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The easy way to share your apk files through bluetooth is via MyAppSharer. You do not need to Open Flash Share App or Xender, Or Any other App that requires pairing the device over Wifi before sending the Apps.

MyAppSharer allows you to easily share your apps to your friends, you can share by link of Google play or directly share APK (App’s full package). MyAppSharer support many method to share your apps, you can share by message, Gmail, Bluetooth, Whats App, Facebook, QR-Code, Dropbox etc.

How To Use MyAppSharer

¶ Then You will see list of your Apps and mark the one you want to send.

That’s All

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BBM V2.11.0.16 For Android Now Available With New Features.

BBM App for Android app is finally available now with another updated version. This new version comes with the Latest User Features (e.g in-app search, editing and retraction features).

Features of The updated version of BBM :-

¶ Search:  Users can now search for BBM chat, contacts, groups and channels. This makes it easier to locate and more efficient.

 Broadcast Message: Users can also send broadcast messages to different categories of your contacts. Although this feature has been in existence before via BB10 and IOS.

¶ Delete: Users can delete messages from their chat.

¶ Glympse: Users on Android BBM can now ask from their contact with Glympse location information enhancements.

¶ Like Button: this is a nice feature that can allow users to like personal feeds posts and your contacts are notify(there is a notification button at the top) after you like their posts.

¶ Privacy: Users can have the ability to edit messages in multi-person, group chat, control retract pictures and retract all sent messages in a chat.

Hope it helps?

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How To Quote A Message On BBM (New Feature)

A new “quote message” feature has been implemented in the latest BBM App (Blackberry Messenger). The feature simply lets you reference and reply to a previous message in your chat.

How To Quote a Message in BBM

In a chat, touch and hold the message you want to quote.

Tap  “Quote Message”.

You can Type a comment to add to the quoted message before you send.

Send your message(it we show the quoted message below).

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How to Record Your calls on Android phones

At some points, we wished to listen to conversations we had with our loved ones and other people over the phone.  This maybe because of some reasons best known to us. Congrats to android OS this, with the help of some apps has made it possible for us to record phone calls. As usual, some of the apps are free while others are paid versions.

NOTE: It is unethical to record such conversations but, in case you are recording it just for fun, then its ok.

Some of such apps include:

1.       Call recorder –Lovekara Communications:This call recording app has both free and paid version and is nice for recording calls.

2.      Call recorder ACR: This call recorder has so many features like password protection, lots of recording formats, etc on its free version and easy emailing of recorded calls, ftp integration, Google drive integration, etc in its paid version. It has the highest rating off all other apps that does same function on Google playstore.

3.   -    Galaxy call recorder: This recorder is best for Samsung Galaxy phones and works perfectly on them. It also has Google Drive and Dropbox integration which makes it easier for someone to save the recorded calls on online storage clouds.

4.      Automatic call recorder:  This app also has both free and paid versions and has an additional feature which enables you decide contacts whose conversations are to be ignored.

6.       All call recorder

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Some Photos of the Infinix Zero 3 #Hero3logy

The long anticipated Infinix Zero 3 has been launch this month(December 15), (Hero3logy launch event) the device is out for sale, and price is #46000

Recently, Infinix Zero 3 was spotted with MediaTek Helio X10, and I also managed to gather some leaked images of the Infinix Zero 3 along with the key specs being confirmed by an insider. So, take your time and scan through the photos.

Infinix Zero 3 #Hero3logy Key specs:
A 20.7 rear camera with SONY IMX230 cmos sensor and dual LED flash
A 5.5 inches IPS capacitive display of 1080p resolution
A non-removable 3000 mAh battery
MediaTek Helio X10 chipset coupled with Octa-core processor
2.4GHz processor clock speed
A 3GB RAM components.

More Full specs and review on the Infinix Zero 3 will be posted, just Stay tuned with us.

Infinix Zero 3 (Hero3Logy) spotted with MediaTek Helio X10 Chipset

Just last week, Infinix Zero 3 was announced and her launch event was scheduled for December 15. However, Invites has already be sent to most individuals that did applied the exclusive invite, and the form is still on, so if you wish to get an exclusive invite to the Infinix Launch event, simply sign up for the exclusive invite here.

Recently, Infinix Mobility leaked an image on their official Facebook page, showing that the Infinix Zero 3 will spot a MediaTek Helio X10 chipset with full 64-bit octa-core CPU which is clocked at 2.4GHz processing speed and coupled with a 3GB RAM component. This chipset also operates on LTE technology, so the Infinix Zero 3 will equally feature 4G LTE capability.

Although, other specs of the device hasn’t been made official, but it’s expected that the Infinix Zero 3 features a 5.5 inches IPS capacitive display of 1080p resolution, 20.7MP rear camera with Sony IMX230 cmos sensor, 5MP front snapper, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for protection and full Aluminum design that is paired with Glass.

The Infinix Zero 3 will definitely run on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop operating system and upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow would be made available for the device next year being 2016. The smartphone will pack a 3030mAh non-removable battery as rumored and pricing for the device is yet to be confirmed.

Full specifications and pricing of the Infinix Zero 3 will be made known after their launch event which will be held at Lagos in Silver Birds Cinema.

Stay tuned for more details

Infinix Zero 3 is now Available and sold for N46,000

The long anticipated Infinix Zero 3 that was recently launched at Silverbird cinema is now available in local smartphone market and sold for N46,000.

Specs-wise, the Infinix Zero 3 spots a 5.5-inch HD screen display with 4K resolution, 400ppi 1080P and a Corning Glass 3 for protection. The smartphone also features a 20.7MP rear camera, a 5MP front snapper, operates on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop operating system out of the box which is powered by a 2.20GHz Octa-core CPU with 64bits, MediaTek Helio X10 chipset coupled with a 3GB RAM component.

By time, the smartphone will begin to circulate the local market and availability on e-commerce sites like JUMIA and Konga will be outed latest 22nd of this month (as of the date of publishing). 

So, stay tuned as I keep you guys updated with revolving news about the Infinix Zero 3 flagship device.

Infinix Zero 3 X552 Phone – Full Specifications, Features and Price

Infinix Zero 3 #Helo3logy flagship device finally goes official through a launch event that took place at Silverbird Cinema, Lagos, Nigeria on the 15th of December 2015 (that’s 2days back as of the date of publishing). We are already anticipating for the device long enough, shared some live photos of the Infinix Zero 3, rumored some details about the Infinix Zero 3, and now we’re here with a detailed review, full specifications, features and price of the Infinix Zero 3 device.

Display & Camera features
The Infinix Zero 3 device features a 5.5 inches HD capacitive touchscreen display with 16M color, 4k resolution, 400ppi 1080P and a Corning Glass 3 for protection. The smartphone also comes with a 20.7MP SONY IMX230 CMOS sensor rear camera with clear pixel resolution (just like the one you can get in Sony Xperia Z3) featuring  optical image stabilization, phase detection, autofocus and dual-LED flash,  a sweet 5MP front snapper featuring geo-tagging, touch focus, and face detection, HDR and panorama. The rear camera comes with a 6P Largan lens which makes it perfect for HD video coverage in any event and best for taking great photo shoots. The 5MP front camera is one of their best cameras you can get for selfie take and making video calls.

Software & Hardware components
Infinix Zero 3 runs on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop out of the box with a fully customized UI tagged “XUI”. However, upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow will be made available next year (2016). The operating system of the device is powered by a 2.20GHz Octa-core CPU with 64bits, MediaTek Helio X10 chipset coupled with a 3GB RAM component. For sure, gaming with this device is pretty cool and having a 3GB RAM on it, you’re in for a better multitasking experience. The smartphone is outed in two memory variant, the 16GB and 32GB internal memory, which provides an ample space for data storage. An expandable space with up to 64GB is made available for the device via MicroSD.

Other Key Features & Price:
Sensors: accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass

Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, hotspot, Bluetooth v4.1, GPS, microUSB v2.0, 4G LTE capability, dual-SIM functionality.

Messaging: SMS (threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Mail, IM

Battery: 3030 mAh battery with fast charging capability

Price tag: #46000

MTN BBLITED is Back and Rocking For May 2016 -- Working Mtn Bblited Code

 MTN BBLITED is Back and Rocking For May 2016 -- Working Mtn Bblited Code

Hurray, MTN bblited is  back and working well. If you've not been rocking this, you are missing a lot. This is the latest update so far as the mtn bblited started working again.

Also read: WhatsApp Set To Launch WhatsApp Video Call Feature

MTN BBLITED is Back and Rocking For May 2016 -- Working Mtn Bblited Code

You could noticed how this awesome mtn bblited has helped us in the past - streaming and downloading of all movies and application day and night. Suddenly, it stopped - maybe mtn deliberately stopped the bblited plan. But today, i cam,e with a good news that the plan is back and working - mtn bblited is back guys!

Also read: Etisalat Brings Out New Data Plans For 2016/2017

How to subscribe to mtn bblited
- Monthly: Dial *123*3*6*3*7*1# for N1000 for a whole month.

- Weekly: *123*3*6*3*7*2#  for N350 valid for a week.

- Daily: *123*3*6*3*7*3# for N70 valid for 24hrs.

Step to configure your phone using Simple Android Server and any VPN handler ( Psiphon, Pronet, Netify…etc) - for mtn bblited

mtn bblited code 2016 mtn bblited is back mtn bblited 2016

Step 1. Set your APN this way;
- Name: "any name"
- APN:
- APN type: default, wap, ia
Save and that's all, its the Normal IP and 8080port.

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VPN handler settings For MTN  BBlited
- Proxy type: Dual real host
- Custom Header: X-Online-Host:
- Proxy Server:
- Real Proxy Type: HTTP Real Proxy Server:
- Real Proxy Port: 8080
- Choose USA or Best performance
- Connect through HTTP Proxy: Port: 8080..

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This is it. Enjoy and rock your MTN bblited on android and share to PC via hotspot.

Final words:
Hope this post "MTN BBLITED is Back and Rocking For May 2016" worked for you perfectly? We are waiting to hear your comments because it's currently working for me. Have a nice day!
Facebook 2g Tuesday will Definitely slow down internet for Employees

Facebook 2g Tuesday will Definitely slow down internet for Employees

Recently, Facebook has announced an internal initiative called "2G Tuesdays" that will help employees better understand how hard it is to use the social platform on slow Internet connections, like the kind prevalent in India and other emerging markets.

 Announcing the news, Product Manager Chris Marra in a blog post explained the whole idea behind 2G Tuesdays.

"People are coming online at a fast rate in emerging markets. In most cases, they are doing so on mobile via 2G connections. But on a typical 2G network, it can take several minutes to download a webpage.
 That doesn't make for a great experience when sharing content with friends and family. To build for a global audience like ours, we know that we need to design features that work seamlessly even on a 2G network," Marra said.

Under Facebook's 2G Tuesdays, employees will have to use the social platform as well as other related apps such as Messenger on slow Internet connection. Notably, the new initiative has an opt-in option and employees will only have the slow Internet connection for an hour.

"We're taking another step toward better understanding by implementing '2G Tuesdays' for Facebook employees. On Tuesdays employees will get a pop-up that gives them the option to simulate a 2G connection. We hope this will help us understand how people with 2G connectivity use our product, so we can address issues and pain points in future builds," added Marra.

Detailing how the new initiative will work, Tom Alison, Facebook's Director of Engineering, told Business Insider, "For that next hour, their experience on Facebook will be very much like the experience that millions of people around the world have on Facebook on a 2G connection. They're going to see the places that we need to improve our product, but they're also going to see the places where we have made a lot of progress."

Facebook back in June had rolled out a new Android app called Facebook Lite, which was available in countries across Asia and was also planned to roll out in parts of Latin America, Africa and Europe.

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INFINIX BIG 6 - A Powerful Big smartphone Launching This 27th of November

The launch Date of newest Next flagship from Infinix Mobility has been announced. The Launch Date will be on 27th of November and is precisely going to be their last model this Year.
The date seem to have coincided with Black Friday 2015 which makes it really special.

Infinix Mobility decided to tag this one as #InfinixBig6 , just as they usually do with previous models like Infinix Zero 2 being tagged as #TheNextHero.
This means you can use the Hash tag #InfinixBig6 when posting or asking anything about the upcoming smartphone on Social Media.

What is the Infinix Big 6?
If you guessed correctly, Yes, the Infinix Big 6 will likely be Infinix Hot NOTE 2, this actually was this same device we leaked some weeks ago in this post, where we at MYTECHNG were among the first to Test the device. We gathered more leaked photos for you this time around, Mr. Benjamin Jiang, Chief Executive Officer of Infinix Mobility shared the images.

The Hot Note 2 will be a predecessor of the Infinix Hot Note, but this time around Hot NOTE 2 is coming with many better features and beautiful design.


We have no idea about the price for now but Like we said in this post, expect to see:
Better Camera
Beautiful Appearance (especially in the front)
New incredible size (around 5.7- 6 inches)
Strong lasting Battery with Fast charge feature
Great Processor and Memory capacity in its RAM and ROM.

Remember, we've gotten our hands-on and played with this device before, so stick around and Keep calm with all the rumors you've heard else where, because in few days from now, you will be the first to get First hand Info about venue of the Launch event and real Specifications of the upcoming Hot Note 2 that will be launching this 27th of November 2015.

How to Secure Your Facebook Account for 100% - 2015

Hello everyone, Today  is back with a great post about How to secure your Facebook Account for 100%. I bet, if you follow all the below steps for how to secure facebook account, then no one can hack your facebook account.

I always use to tell my personal quote to my friends,
" Dont blame the Hacker who hacked your facebook account. Instead, Blame your innocence for getting hacked " 
Yes, its true. A hacker can only hack your facebook account if you are a innocent guy. If you have a basic idea about what is hacking and if you follow all the security tips for your account then you will  always be secured. Well, Coming to the topic,

Steps for Securing Facebook Account :
1. Update Password :

The Primary step of how to secure your facebook account is Updating your password for every 1-2 weeksNever keep your facebook password in a easy predicatble way which can be guessed by your surrounding people like keeping your nickname or birthdate or your Girl friend/Boy friend`s name etc. I suggest you to have a strong password of mixed alphabets, numbers, symbols containing more than 10digits like john+1298smith or 1298smith*john

And I also like to share one important tip with you is not to have the same password for your Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo becoz if anyone knows that your facebook password is same as your Mail password he will also login to your gmail/yahoo and reads all your personal emails. 
You must also know that If someone hacks your facebook password and gain access to your account then you can get back your facebook account by using the recovery option which is connected to your Gmail/Yahoo but what if you keep the same password for your Mail account as Fb?
 The hacker will simply change the Mail account password and now you will loose the recovery option as where you will loose your permanent access to your fb account. So thats why I am suggesting you to have a different strong passwords for all of your different accounts.

Facebook - General Account Settings  

2. Email:

One of the important step for how to secure facebook account is Adding Secondary Email ID to your facebook account. This will helps you when your profile is hacked, Fb will send account recovery information to the secondary email ID also. So I suggest everyone to add your secondary email id.
To add secondary email Id to your Facebook account, Click Here.

Adding Secondary Email ID to your facebook account-secure facebook account
So when you add Seconday Email Id, Facebook will ask for Email Confirmation which means you have to to verify the email address by checking the mail at your respective Email Inbox .

3. Connecting your Mobile number to Facebook Account :     
Connecting your personal mobile number to your facebook account
really helps a lot to secure your facebook acount like when anyone hacks your fb account, you will be able to recover your lost account 
by mobile easily or if your facebook account was tempararirly locked you can gain access to it by confirming it with your connected mobile number.
So I suggest everyone to connect their mobile no to their fb account. To connect Click Here 
Follow all the steps there by providing country name, carrier and verify your mobile number.

Note: You must notice that for each facebook account, A unique mobile no must be provided which means no two Fb accounts can have a same mobile no.

  Facebook - Security Settings
4. Secure Browsing :

This plays a crucial role to secure facebook account. Make sure that the secure browsing is always enabled in your facebook acount. If not, Click Here to enable secure browsing for your facebook account.

By enabling this secure browsing, you will be browsing your facebook account in a secure connection [https] which helps you to keep your account safe from spammers, viruses and hackers.

5. Login Notifications :   
Login notifications will helps you to get notified when someone else is trying to access your account. It means when anyone is trying to access your fb account from a computer or mobile that you haven`t used before then facebook will notify you by sending a message to your Email inbox , Mobile inbox.
So to Enable Login notifications to your facebook account, Click Here. 

 Enable both Email and Text message option so that whenever you are away from Computer you will be notified by your mobile atleast.

Code Generator :

You can use this Code Generator in your facebook mobile app to reset your password or to generate Login Approvals security codes.
You can enable this feature on your  android mobile or iOS.
Code-Generator-Security-Settings-secure facebook account
To enable Code generator on your mobile, follow the instructions  as given in the official help center page of facebook by Clicking Here .

6. Trusted Contacts :

Trusted contacts are friends that can securely help you if you ever have trouble accessing your account. Earlier I wrote a clear post about how to enable trusted contacts to your facebook account to get secured and how it will help you to get access to your facebook account when you lost your facebook account. So I recommend you to please check this post,

Trusted-Contacts-Security-Settings-secure facebook-account
Also have a look at the below new security features for your facebook account,

7. Trusted Browsers :

By this Trusted browsers feature, You can check which browsers you saved as ones you often use.

One thing I should remind you here is facebook asks you to Save Browser when you login. So always save the browser of which you often use in either your home or any trusted place. Why I`m telling you this is because when any suspicious activity is found or any hacker trying to access your account from somewhere else, Facebook will make your account to get Temporarily locked. So now facebook will ask the owner of that particular account to get logged in from the previous browser which you often use. It means your Trusted browser will helps you to unlock your facebook account at that time.

8. Where You're Logged In :

The feature Where You're Logged In  helps you to review and manage where you're currently logged into facebook. It shows two  sessions - Current Session and Last Accessed Session.

This feature helps a lot. When our account gets hacked and If we want to know the location from which our fb account was last accessed, you can check it by this feature Where You're Logged In .
You can also get the Estimated Ip address of that hacker by placing the mouse over Location as I shown in the above picture.

All the above steps will protect you for a major extent but you should be careful from hackers who trolls you by phishing pages, keyloggers. You should be careful and never click any suspicious links. Just spend some time over Google,Youtube by seacrching about how phishing , keyloggers works and how to stay safe from them.

Some more Personal Tips for you to Secure facebook Account :

  1. Never give out your login info to any other Third party sites, Sometimes some people or pages will promise you something like free facebook likes , free followers , free poker chips etc etc. These types of deals are carried out by hackers. so you must  stay away from them. If you're ever asked to re-enter your  password on Facebook (ex: you're making changes to your account settings) check to make sure the address of the page still has in the URL.                                     
  2. Think before you click on any link. Never click suspicious links, even if they come from a friend or a company you know. This includes links sent on Facebook (ex: in a chat or post) or in emails. If one of your friends clicks on spam they could accidentally send you that spam or tag you in a spammy post. You also shouldn't download things (ex: a .exe file) if you aren’t sure what they are. Learn more about recognizing suspicious emails by Clicking Here.
  3. Log in at only. Sometimes scammers will set up a fake page to look like a Facebook login page [Phishing], hoping to get you to enter your email address and password. Make sure that you check the page's URL (web address) before you enter your login info. When in doubt, you can always type into your browser to get back to the real Facebook.
  4. Update your browser always. The newest versions of internet browsers have built in security protections. For example, they might be able to warn you if you're about to go to a suspected phishing site. 
  5. Run good anti-virus software to protect yourself from viruses and malware. 
I hope this post will be helpful for you to gain some good knowledge over facebook. If you have any doubts or any issues regarding how to secure facebook account then please leave your questions in the below comment box or if you have any personal questions, you can message me to our Facebook Page - Naijatechspot.